Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bishop Ssenyonjo. And those arrested in Mbale

Bishop denies being gay but supports gay rights

First published: 20090424 9:53:14 AM EST

Bishop Christopher Senyonjo of the church of Uganda has denied allegations linking him to homosexuality.

Senyonjo says the Church of Uganda Archbishop Luke Orombi has done a lot in making all Ugandans believe that Senyonjo is a homo.

Senyonjo says he simply supports homosexuals to have rights in the church of Uganda. Some of the rights Senyonjo wants homos to enjoy in the church include getting a chance to preach and get recognized seats in the church.

Senyonjo says if he was a homosexual, he would not have a wife and children. Senyonjo started supporting homos in the church of Uganda in 2002 which made Archbishop Orombi to fire Senyonjo from Church of Uganda administration.

But Bishop Senyonjo insists that homosexuals should have rights just like any other human being before God.

The High Court in Kampala last December also ruled that all Ugandans irrespective of their sexual orientation have equal rights and freedoms.


Mbale Case

On 8th. April. 2009 , Two men Brian Padde and Fred Wasukira (aka) Namboozo Margrete suspected to be gay were arrested and held at Mbale Police station on allegations of public immorality and homosexuality. They stayed in Police cells until the 17th of April 2008, they were taken to court and charged of having carnal knowledge of a man against the order of nature Section 145 (a) of the penal code a sentence that carries a punishment of life imprisonment, they are on remand at Maluku Prison in Mbale, and was be tried before the chief justice on Tuesday, 21st April , Will keep you updated as we get access to court files on this matter



Sexual Minorities Uganda – SMUG, visited Mbale and learnt that Fred Wasukira  who is commonly known as Namboozo Margrete is business man in Mbale town who owns a bar and several houses in Mbale . On the night of 7th  April 2009,  the two were witnessed in a romantic mood at a bar in Namakweki  Mbale  district and according to the  Police officer  we talked to, the  two were calling each other by names  “darling , sweetheart”  ,  we were told that from the bar Fred and Brian proceeded to their house where they were followed by residents, who alerted area local councils and the Police.  They were caught kissing and cuddling at their house. Police and area local councils picked them up and took them to Mbale Police station,

Where they were held until the 17th April. 2008. At Maluke Prison we were not allowed to visit the prisoners saying it was not a visiting day, however we confirmed that they are on remand at Maluke Prison in Mbale.




The 27th Comrade said...

I was in school with the son of Bishop Ssenyonjo. Incidentally, I met him on the road last week, and we had a brief exchange.
While we were in school is when his dad came under furious fire over the LGBT Question.

He told me, back in school, why his father was pro-LGBT. Apparently it was that he believed that, if they were sinners, granted, they were not worse than, say, liars, which many people are excused daily for doing. Priests and laity alike.

That's his stand (or at least how I understood it). It's the stand of this Ugandan guy who is the second-in-rank of the Church of England (the name escapes me now).

This, GUG, is what I don't understand. The Bible repeatedly tells its readers that they are all sinners. And then it repeatedly tells its readers that all sins are alike.
Why aren't segregators and the self-righteous, for example, cast out and treated like the homosexuals are treated?
Jesus was a stark enemy of the Pharisees, whose only crime was self-righteousness. This, sadly, is what the homophobic church is today.

It's why I will not let anybody call me a Christian, even though I do confess much of their creeds.
If that's how Christians treat their brothers, I'm not a Christian.

I've heard of churches splitting over this. They already did. :o) I split already.
They sin by being segregational and self-righteous. Yet, blind to the log in their eye, they point out the speck in the other's eye.

I'll stop now, lest I blog in your comments.
Still, I hate the way Uganda's LGBT hugs the West too fucking close. That is something I won't excuse. (In anyone.) Heck, I had to say something to piss you in closing, GUG. Don't you think? :o)
Otherwise, how are you? Yes, I do read your blog still. And I'm not yet back on the scene. I just thought I should comment here just this once.

gayuganda said...

Ha Comrade....

You's still alive? Welcome back. Hope life's treating you well.

I will not comment more about Christians...! I am getting blacker than the pot.

As for embracing the west. Well, who should I embrace? My countrymen who are positively homocidal?

Bad joke. But seems you are still into your philosophy.


Anonymous said...

Whoever wrote the first naration realy shows that s/he is not a local resident more so not a ugandan.
There is no word like maluke-it is maluku
There is nothing like namakweki- it is namakwekwe.
You dont stop at corrupting our morals but you also mis-spell our words. what the fuck are you doing in our country.

gayuganda said...

Dear Anon,

what the fuck am I doing in my country???

Do you want to suggest that each of us speaks your bloody language? Do you want to suggest that i come from your bloody ethnic group, or your corner of the country????

I get pissed when someone comes and even suggests this kind of shit. Go to hell, fellow Ugandan. I am a Ugandan, and you are pretty bad mouthed...!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Whoever wrote the first naration realy shows that s/he is not a local resident more so not a ugandan.
You dont stop at corrupting our morals but you also mis-spell our words. what the fuck are you doing in our country."

I suspect that if you're Christian and another Christian disagreed with you about something, you might have claimed they're 'not a true Christian' much like you claim the blog owner is not a true Ugandan. If that's the case, I suspect you need to read this:

Furthermore, fuck off you arrogant twat.

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