Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Is he, or Isnt He?

Hysteria. Outing hysteria. Gay or Not? Proof not necessary. Just, well, any hint of impropriety- or someone to accuse you.

So, is he or isn’t he? A catholic priest accused. (More to come…!)

Father Musaala named homosexual

Self-confessed former homosexuals yesterday accused a renown Catholic priest, Fr. Anthony Musaala, of being a homosexual.

Paul Kagaba, who says he was a homosexual for eight years, told a press conference in Kampala that Musaala, a gospel music award-winner, regularly holds parties for gays at his residence in Gayaza near Kampala.

He was speaking at the press conference which was held at the anti-gay crusader, Pastor Martin Ssempa’s Redeemed Church at Makerere. In attendance was another self-confessed reformed homosexual, George ‘Georgina’ Oundo, and Pastor Solomon Male, an anti-gay activist.

Musaala, however, said the reports were intended to damage his image because he was a public figure. “Whatever they say, I am not gay and I will never be gay. I am only a minister of the Roman Catholic Church,” he said.

And the more…

In his remarks, Kagaba also named an employee of a Kampala city hospital and a European residing on Entebbe road among the prominent gay promoters in the country.

I am gay, and, well, though I have a problem with being identified (falsely or not!) as so, I kind of wonder what it is like for a person who is not gay to be so accused? How the hell does one 'proove' that you are not gay?

Unfortunately politics might be another factor playing out here.  Amongst the Pastor preachers, there is a lot of in-fighting. Remember this. One pastor fighting others etc. An accusation of homosexuality is very, very damaging. And Ssempa is in one particular camp. Will be funny if Msaala is not in the opposite camp. Oh, but he is Catholic- so, maybe I don’t know what I am talking about!

A delegation of gay activists was expected in the country this month, Kagaba said, to hammer out a programme to finance their colleagues to get elected to Parliament in 2011.

Imagine, homosexuals in parliament…! We are planning on that, aren’t we? Ugandans, be very, very scared!

But that is as maybe, this is what we thought we had done, the news we had made. It was on some of the Television stations last night, but seems it was not as juicy as some people accused of being gay…!

As they spoke, a group of self-confessed gays and lesbians, Jackline Kasha, Victor Mukasa and David Kisuule, addressed a press conference at the Metropole Hotel in Kampala.

They disowned Oundo and denied that their umbrella group, Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG), was recruiting school children into the vice.

“We are responsible and law-abiding citizens. Homosexual Ugandans do not condone recruitment of people into homosexuality. We strongly and fiercely condemn it,” Jackline Kasha said reading a statement issued by a group called Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex. (Ha ha ha ha ha! LGBTI a group, like an NGO?)

“Sexual orientation is not changeable. We are homosexuals and cannot change. In the same way, we cannot change heterosexuals into homosexuals,” Kasha argued.

Mukasa said the Government should investigate Oundo’s claims and prosecute him since he had confessed to conscripting youngsters into the vice.

Although she admitted receiving funding from various organisations, Mukasa denied the money was for recruitment.

So, necessarily, fear within the community.

So, who else is gay?




Anonymous said...

GUG is he gay? I mean Musala.
Where his parties really cool.

HeReigns said...

he denied being gay and said he will never be gay......but this is not the first time this is coming out....the man is weird.......

Father Musala.....atleast george and kagaba are out of this mess.....U TOO CAN!!

Anonymous said...

Gug, the question is simple, you posed it yourself, you are in the gay community and you know it is a closed community, so you know whoever is in and out. Tell us the truth, is Musala gay or not and have u attended some of his parties in Gayaza?

gayuganda said...

I am in the gay community and it is a closed community so I know all people who are gay?

No, dear anon. No 'community'is as simple as that. And I doubt I would tell you if I knew... You seem so determined to hurt the guy with any knowledge about his sexuality.

And, by the way, you seem to have come to the conclusion that he must be gay because he is accused to be gay. Isnt it? Is that just because he has been accused of being a homosexual?

As I said, those who are accused and are not realy have a problem because of your adamant prejudice. Really and trully.

Go ask the priest himself. But, will you believe his answer?

Anonymous said...

pactediMusaala u said you help them by throwing parties for them,there's asaying that says speak the truth and ashame the devil.surely Musaala ur a 'man of God'.Aaaaah Musaala tuswala even amale mosquito knows that it can sleep with a male counterpart but a man like u fails to know.shame on u for using the exhaust pipe for sexual pleasure.

gayuganda said...

Ah, Anon

Failed to work out what you meant. Somethin anti-Musaala. Funny the way your mind works. Actually, very funny.

[dont even know how to approach this]- Do you think being homosexual is all about anal sex? What if I told you most anal sex is had by heterosexuals. Would that blunt your ignorance even a little bit?

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