Thursday, April 2, 2009

Poor Christians

Once upon a time I was a Christian. Then I saw the light…

Yes, it is Christian bashing time, for me. I am not going to rail against all Christians. But against some. (Let me say I do respect the likes of Bolton…! and his lesson to me still holds, at least for now).

Why Christians? Because they wrap themselves in so called love. Love is the reason that they hunt, and hurt and persecute me. Because I am, you guessed, a homosexual.

There is that excellent chapter of Jesus railing against the Pharisees. He was pissed, and it was a major rant, in Mark’s Gospel. Funny that of all things I remember reading in the bible, that is the one that comes to mind, when I think about the Christians in Uganda.


Oh, yes. There is Orombi of the Church of Uganda. To him I am filth unspeakable. For that reason, he has broken with Canterbury, in a way, and broken the Anglican Communion. Of course it is his right, who he associates with, etc. What I don’t like him using my sexuality as the ‘stumbling block.’ He says he is a Christian. And my sexuality is a sin.

Then there is Ssempa. Pastor, and the other pastors in Uganda. Again they say they love me. (At least Orombi does not dissemble so!) They love me so much that they would like to convert me to Christianity. And they ‘hate’ my sin, the sin above all sins. My sexuality.

So, as good Christians, they have gone ahead and got some converts from homosexuality. They have convinced the country on how bad us homosexuals are. And they are going out, outing us. All in the name of Jesus.

They hold press conferences. They hold rallies. They hold church meetings where we are held up to ridicule in the name of love. They are now outing us, all in the great name of Jesus. ((Bet that gentleman is turning in his grave somewhere.)

Because we are gay, homosexual, these pure angels on earth believe it is okay for us to be accused of everything under the earth. From rape, defiling children, ‘recruitment’ etc. They are stirring up the populace in their crusade. And Crusade it is indeed. They have formed the ‘homosexual agenda’ and intimate that we homosexuals are out to turn the world upside down. Demanding our rights.

Whatever it is, we seem to have done it. Nothing is too low for them to do in the name of pulling us down. We, of course, must be against them. We, of course, must be evil, and bad. All in the name of Jesus. (Sorry, Christians who are gay!)

A witch hunt is not a witch hunt, because it is happening in the name of Jesus. A witch hunt is a Crusade, when it happens in Jesus’ name. Lies can be told, flimsy evidence used to ‘out’ those doctors, lawyers, priests etc who are gay. All in the name of Jesus.


Any wonder I feel like a rant?

What is it to them if I lose my job, are thrown out of my clan, my tribe, my family, if it all happens in the name of Jesus? What is it to them if I cannot feed my dependants? It is in the name of Jesus.

Funny, I can no longer feel the same rippling anger that I used to.

Yes, they call themselves Christians. They can never be ‘Christ-like’. To them it is a garment that they pull around themselves. It is the white clothes on Sunday covering the filth of heart on most other days of the week.

Poor Christians, Indeed!

How Christ is served, without witness!



Christian said...

I have always wanted to ask a Gay person this.Hope you can help. Does it hurt when you take IT up the ass? Being constipated sure hurts like hell....!! Just wondering....

Anonymous said...

If being gay means living a life like yours then THANK GOD i am not gay

gayuganda said...

Dear Christian...

How Christian of you! Thank you for your confirmation of all my stated prejudices.

Anon, yeah
and no. Not everyone lives life like i do, you get?

Anonymous said...

GUG answer the question.

Does it HURT? And are yu the man or the woman in yo relationship?
Actually while having sex, do yu both get "boners" (read hard-ons)?

gayuganda said...


that is damn impertinent. If you wanna have gay sex, why, go have it...! Why all the interest. Your mama never taught you basic manners? Or do you think just because I am gay the rules dont apply?

Anonymous said...

First, understand that Orthodox Christianity is missing the context for their religion. They really don't know the truth. In 300 AD Constantine took over Christianity and turned it into a state religion. In addition, he reduced the Scriptures to just those books that would support his propaganda leaving out much of the context of those myths and substituting Orthodox Dogma.

For those who want proof. Take this little test.

A.) Disregard everything you were taught in Sunday School for just a minute.

B.) Read Genesis Chapters 1-3

C.) Honestly answer the following questions from just the text you see. If it's not there, it's not there.

1.) Who either didn't tell the whole truth or misstated the outcome of eating the apple?

2.) Who told exactly the truth?

3.) What is the stated reason that Adam and Eve were cast out?

Once you understand the truth, you will know why the Christians who follow the God of Genesis are doing this to you.

gayuganda said...

Wow Anon,

that is very interesting!!!!!

Though, me not being Christian, (ahem, ahem), I am acutely not interested in knowing which particular kind of Christian persecutes me... All i see is Christian!

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