Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sexuality Education in Uganda

Uganda is a knowledge backwater.

The conclusion is too easy, and too well supported to be ignored. With regards to homosexuality, that is something that is too easy to conclude. Check this; in the same week that Sweden legalizes marriage between same sex couples, and the American state of Iowa becomes the third to strike down a ban on marriage between same sex couples- Ugandans wake up to screaming headlines, in the government paper; ‘UNICEF book supports teen homosexuality’

Most other citizens of our world will not turn a hair. I mean, what is in the UNICEF book is so old as news that it is impossible to actually characterize as that. What? Saying that homosexuality is normal? Saying that it is not disease? Saying that it is not something for a teen to be so worried about and go kill oneself because one happens to have same sex attraction? It is old news. Unless you happen to be in Uganda, where such a revelation is a horror that happens to sell newspapers- and drive the anti-gay hysteria.

But, unfortunately, all this is new and newsworth in Uganda.

Read through the article and you are thrown at least 30-50 years back, when it was impossible to discuss sexuality at all. The book is a guide on teenage sexuality. After 85 pages of good information for teens, the 86th is a disaster. How dare it mention that homosexuality is normal!!!!!

And, the question that Ugandans are forced to ask is not whether UNICEF is actually stating facts. No, that is glossed over. (Of course, the subject is homosexuality, so the only facts that are true are that Homosexuality is bad, and abnormal, and immoral. Any deviation from that dogma is contrary to the truth and the lying liers who promote homosexuality like so must and should be exposed.)
UNICEF cannot be correct. That is a clear cut fact.

Talk about gay rights in Uganda and you are inflaming the situation. According to the populace, gay Ugandans have no rights to fight for. Their act of love is subject to life time imprisonment, according to the current law. But that law is too easy. We should have a law that mandates, the death punishment????! UNICEF of course is wrong there, clearly!

What I love most about the article is when facts are held up to ridicule. We are in the age of internet- though in Uganda, till not so long ago, books and paper were the ultimate source of knowledge. (Oh, I have remembered. I am one of the 4% of the population that have internet access. Maybe, maybe I am holding my countrymates to too severe a standard.) The exclamation marks in the tone of the article... Homosexuality is normal!!!!!! It is natural...! We are born with these feelings....!

Stephen Langa is the current sexuality expert of Uganda. Forget the fact that he promotes HIV prevention without condoms. His anti-gay efforts have made him a star on the fm stations. "“They are teaching sex education without morals. What messages are being passed on to our children? It is poison and for poison to kill, it doesn’t have to be given in large amounts.” "
Curiously, he started off blaming us, Ugandan homosexuals for the book. That was during the early days of the anti-gay campaign. We were horrified, and went in search of the book. But his tone has changed. An international organisation is teaching homosexuality...!

Buturo is in shock (of course), and of course there follows the litany of things that they are all going to do to save Uganda's morality...!


But, for my poor country, what depth of ignorance you are actually wallowing in!

Look here, we ignore all the knowledge that there is in the world, and import American Right activists to 'teach us the truth' and then we go ahead and decry the invasion of our morals with immorallity. I mean, Kabaka Mwanga was a homosexual, for Christs sake! Christianity came and found good homosexual practices in Uganda... And they were accepted. But now, we want to prove that homosexuality was not part of our culture!


The book does not seem to have been a hit. And, the vilified chapter, errr, page, was not even known by many. If it was on sale, it would be flying off the shelves now.
But the anti-gay agenda has found 'proof' of collusion from a major international organisation on the 'spread of homosexuality' and more 'homosexual recruitment in schools'

Christ on a bicycle...!

God help poor Uganda....!!!!!

And the loser in all this? The gay Ugandan. Truth and facts are turned upside down. We are currently being demanded exhorbitant fees to give our side of the story, or being denied outright access to the media. Many of us are in hiding, and not ready to say anything about homosexuality.

It is a case of the anti-gay people on a roll, able to say anything, in the name of crushing the 'Homosexual agenda'. Truth is the homosexual agenda, so truth and facts and research have to be thrown under the juggernaut of the anti-gay agenda.


We, indeed, are a knowledge backwater...!



Anonymous said...

You are a very brave man.

A man one would be very proud to live a life with.

A MAN amongst men.

Leonard said...

Yes, no doubt about it, you´ve had the antibackwater´re safe from getting stupid but unsafe from does that work?

At least they are naming names now about the NGO´s who they accuse of spreading Homosexuality...YIKES...yes, it does make the ¨minister of ethics¨ look like a plain babbling joke of a political abroad...but, unfortunately, his silly grandstanding doesn´t stop the on-the-ground dangers for LGBT Ugandans at this time.

True, you ARE quite the fellow, I agree with Annonymous!

Be safe so we can continue to appreciate you from afar.

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