Tuesday, March 18, 2008


He looked at me-

wide brown eyes open,

the gaze a physical caress

on my warming cheek;

I waited,

rapt attention

for his mouth to open

a word to say…

He did not-

Neither was it necessary

my mouth to open

words to fashion

For it was all there;

In his eyes, my eyes

the longing and rapture

Desire and need;

all was fully written

On both our faces…

GayUganda 18 March 2008

aw, forgot the dedication... To Princess!


DeTamble said...

Go and edit in the dedication. Duh!

How's Willow these days?

gayuganda said...


you's realy a bad dude. Anyone ever told you that????? Guess they all got tired of telling you.


PS. I re-edit


DeTamble said...

Hello again, Guggy! :D

I know I'm bad. Very, very naughty in fact. People tell me constantly. I have an cheeky twinkle in my eyes.

No one seems to have tired of telling me yet but I always enjoy it more when it's new people telling me. So thanks. Lucky me. ;)

Princess said...

Hmmm, I've never had a poem dedicated to moi.
I'm grinning...
I like!
You's sweet!
But, I daresay E and I haven't progressed to that level (and might never-)
"Desire and need;
all fully written on HIS face."

gayuganda said...

Hey Princess,

See, I was thinking of someone, about ten this morning and the poem came to mind.
Then, went to your blog princess, and thought, wow, ... think alike. So, i decided to post it!

So, no, was not about you and the mysterious E!!!


Cheri said...


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