Saturday, April 18, 2009

Loving the Sinner

This is the kind of love that this sinner would rather do without. The love of Ssempa, Buturo, Langa, Orombi, and various others. Christians, who hate the sin of homosexuality, but love us homosexuals.

Matter of fact, I have been set off by some anonymous commentor on the blog. He or she was supporting Buturo, that he is against the ‘spread of homosexuality’ but not homosexuals. Poor Christian, needing to disguise hate for love.

I think it is the bare faced hypocrisy that touches me. I don’t mind a person saying he hates me. Me, as in a homosexual. I am what I am. Someone may say that he hates me because I am black or a nigger. I will shrug it off. I don’t love everybody. Hell, I am also prone to prejudice!

But when someone puts a knife in me, and starts splitting hairs on how the hate that he or she shows is in truth love, I see red.

Ok, fact is, I see it as a chance to turn that knife into his or her face and twist it, a little, and more than a little! Ssempa, the anti-gay Ssempa who loves us so much that he believes we should get HIV…! Why? Because, if, God forbid, we were allowed to have the knowledge to stop ourselves from getting HIV we would just be ‘promoting homosexuality’. And you know what, the sin of promoting homosexuality is so heinious that it is important for all Christians to prevent others from commiting it. It is worse than making sure that fellow human beings get HIV because they are homosexuals. Poor Christians indeed! I thought he had stopped reasoning like that, but apparently he is continuing... The 'representative' of some American Right activists...!

I can quote the number of times, the vitriol that has poured out of the mouth of Minister for Ethics and Integrity in Uganda, Nsaba Buturo. He wants us out of the country, we are worse than animals, immoral, etc, etc. The words that pour out of the gentleman’s mouth, the hate speech is so un-Christian that many people are shocked that he says all ‘in the name of Jesus’! But he does, all in the name of Jesus.

See, in Uganda, nothing is too bad for homosexuals.

Listening to Stephen Langa and his friends from America, I was stuck by how hate filled this can all be. They have one premise. Homosexuality and homosexuals must be evil. Starting from they manufacture lies, half truths, conspiracy theories, and others. All of these are ‘proof’ that homosexuals are evil. I am galled by the people who go ahead and believe it all. Why do they believe? Because homosexuals are evil. So, what is there not to believe?

Someone stated in a comment that although in the US, homosexuals are 5% of the population, they commit 30% of the child abuse. Is it true?

I don’t know the figures on child abuse in the US, but when I see that kind of assertion, I immediately suspect that it is not true. But, someone does believe it. And why do they? Why do they believe that kind of thing? Because they have to. They have this image of me the homosexual as so evil that anything that is bad is easily blamed on me. Their hate has to be justified. They cannot believe that a homosexual cannot be good. No. Never. Why not? Because he or she is a homosexual!

Sad, isn’t it?

George Oundo, and his ex-gay friends, have been going around 'outing' people on radio and television in Uganda. They did it under the good Christian help of Ssempa, and Langa, and the 'Family Life Network'. Listening to Oundo, you would be struck by how much venom and hate he was spitting, frothing against his gay friends. Was that love? No. It was poison. Hate. But this was a 'young christian' who was being encouraged in his new expression of love to 'out' gay people. Listening to him, I wondered how Ssempa and Langa could even associate with this naked hate. It does mean something to trumpet that someone is Christian, doesnt it? Well, maybe it does.

But why do Christians hate us so much?

See, I told you that I am also subject to prejudices. But, forgive me. It is Christians who are persecuting me. I ask to be left in peace, they throw stones and hammers, and bibles and other things. The hate speech that is coming out of their mouth is in the name of their being Christians. Am I wrong to paint all Christians with the same tar brush?

There are Christians who are gay. (Course, Orombi does not believe that Gene Robinson is a Christian. But that is an internal matter for them, and I don’t belong to that club… What I know is that both are Christians…!) And there are others who take it upon themselves to attack the hate speech that the Ssempa’s preach. Like Desmond Tutu.

Sadly, it is a human failing, choosing out a small, minority group that can be bullied and hated and thrown to the lions. We always forget, that they are also humans. It is by an active act of thought that we root out this kind of prejudice. That we make it irrelevant. Or, like I do, we start wondering why others don’t see what we see!




Leonard said...

I added a link to this site and this posting regarding the aledged ¨Christian Love¨ at the following:

(hope it´s ok)

There was quite a lot of conversation about the recent tabloid published ¨praising¨ Bishop Orombi...I´m afraid I can´t ¨praise¨ Orombi or Scott Lively or the rest of their would-be lynch mob until they STOP tormenting fellow human beings (especially at Church).

Anonymous said...

Hi gug,

Christians feature a lot on this blog, in an unfavourable light. As one who seeks so much to be understood, perhaps you are able to understand Christian opposition to homosexuality.

I won't bother to correct any innaccurate interpretations of Christian statements and scriptures. Going straight to the heart of the matter, Christians believe the fundamental structure of society is threatened by an encroaching gay culture. That gay activism is meant to destroy society as we know it.

You have always denied this. So tell me whether the blueprint for 'Ovehauling Straight America' written by Marshall Kirk and Erastes Pill is something you have seen before. If so, how can you describe Christian efforts to counter that strategy as homophobic? gug, the Truth matters. You know ths which is why you are always seeking information.

Marshall and Kirk state,

"We have sketched out here a blueprint for transforming the social values of straight America. "

They go on to propose a strategy that includes manipulating the media and via the media, the general public. The language is all about deception, for example,

" In the early stages of any campaign to reach straight America, the masses should not be shocked and repelled by premature exposure to homosexual behavior itself. Instead, the imagery of sex should be downplayed and gay rights should be reduced to an abstract social question as much as possible. First let the camel get his nose inside the tent--only later his unsightly derriere!"

The Table of Contents makes it clear this is an operations manual;


1. Talk About Gays and Gayness as Loudly And Often As Possible

"The principle behind this advice is simple: almost any behavior begins to look normal if you are exposed to enough of it at close quarters and among your acquaintances. The acceptability of the new behavior will ultimately hinge on the number of one's fellows doing it or accepting it."

Perhaps the idea of gays 'recruiting' straights is in context now?

2. Portray Gays As Victims, Not As Aggressive Challengers

"In any campaign to win over the public, gays must be cast as victims in need of protection so that straights will be inclined by reflex to assume the role of protector. "

3. Give Protectors A Just Cause
4. Make Gays Look Good
5. Make The Victimizers Look Bad

"At a later stage of the media campaign for gay rights-long after other gay ads have become commonplace-it will be time to get tough with remaining opponents. To be blunt, they must be vilified. "

Are Pastor Ssempa and Stephen Langa being vilified by any chance?

6. Solicit Funds: The Buck Stops Here
Getting On The Air, Or, You Can't Get There From Here

Start With The Fine Print (Using the Print Media)

Visual Stage 1: You Really Oughtta Be In Pictures (TV Advertising)

Visual Stage 2: Peekaboo Advertising

Visual Stage 3: Roll Out The Big Guns

Format A For Familiarization: The Testimonial

Format B: The Celebrity Spot

Format C for Victim Sympathy: Our Campaign to Stop Child Abuse

Format D for Identification with Victims: The Old Switchero

Format E for Vilification of Victimizers: Damn the Torpedoes

Format F for Funds: SOS

The Time Is Now

There you have it. It has now been published as a book.

If you really believe in 'live and let live', let the Christians defend the way of life that is subject to the onslaught descrbed in 'Overhauling Straight America."

Anonymous said...

You did it again, re the statistic on child sex abuse by heterosexuals and homosexuals. Yo admt you did not know it and immediately rubbish it. Okay, what if it were true? What would be the implications?

gayuganda said...


you are realy annoying. Ok. Here is my response.

No 1. Get some education on critical thinking. Reasoning.

You are hell bent on accusing me of something. I say I dont know anything about it. And in the next post you continue the same reasoning.
Maybe I am too charitable. Too kind to the likes of you and your ilk. Stop accusing me of crimes which you manufacture. Is that clear enough?

It is very easy to hide behind your point making, your quasi logic. Just kindly stop accusing me of the figments of your dreams. It is annoying, it just does not suit your given intelligence.

No. 2 I have talked a lot about Christians here. There are some Christians who made me face my prejudices. I was honest. They made me understand the difference between the likes of you and them. They are Christians and they show love to me as a homosexual. They know I am not a Christian, and that I have had a hard time with Christians. But they were very able to show me their love, inspite of the fact that they disagreed with me.

Now, to you Anon 1 the homophobic Christian.
Show me the ways I, a non Christian, and a homosexual can dare see the love of Christ manifest in you, my anonymous Christian homophobic friend.You are so full of lawyerly ways to convict me of my sin that you forget the ways of love. Very unchristian indeed! You are wrapped up in ways to convict me, and forget that I am a human being. You are a hypocrite and a pharisee. Sorry, seems my burden is to point that out.

gayuganda said...

Anon 2

more bullshit from you!

I ask for the reference, you tell me it is 'true' (I just believe?) and then castigate me for my lack of faith!

Well, I will also refer you to get some grounding on Critical thinking. Maybe it will help, so that we can have some real discussion instead of your apparent obfuscations.

spiralx said...

I was curious about this supposed article, and went exploring.

"The Guide" was - and is - yes, a gay magazine published in the US.

But they deny ever having printed any such article. It appears to be (yet another)right-wing fabrication - an exact echo of the Georgina Oundo affair currently playing out in Uganda.

The relevant Letters page from the Sept 2003 issue can be found here:

I quote it in its entirety:

Crooked straights

Are you aware that the anti-gay Traditional Values Coalition has reprinted a 1987 article from The Guide and has posted it to their web site?

The article, "Overhauling Straight America," is posted at The reprint includes the following statement: "As a public service, TVC is reprinting the full text of this Guide article below. (This article has been widely distributed on the Internet and is available at a number of other web sites.)"

G. Herek

The article in question never appeared in The Guide. As with a lot of claims the right-wing puts out, this one is sheer fabrication. Of course, regular readers of The Guide would never imagine that we'd publish the dreck in question; the authors of "Overhauling Straight America" appear to be pathetic homos trying to "overcome" their homosexuality in their quest to become junior straight people. (One quote: "... In any campaign to win over the public, gays must be cast as victims in need of protection so that straights will be inclined by reflex to assume the role of protector." Puke.) We're not begging the straight world to tolerate us-- we're bringing the straight world an exciting, different way to think about sex, a gay gift for everyone!

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