Monday, October 26, 2009

Ssempa's Obsession

Why is Martin Ssempa obsessed with homosexuality?

I am a gay man. I have devoted a whole lot of life on this blog, and, I must seem obsessed too... About my sexuality. Well, it is my story, and, I choose to tell it, like so. But I wonder, why is Martin so obsessed with my sexuality?

I remember seeing him talking on the NBS talk-show. He inspires some bad emotions in me, so, frankly, I tend to avoid sight of him, anywhere. But, this time I stopped and watched him.

Passionate, he is. A man deranged by THE cause of stopping homosexuality. Impassioned.

To Martin, Homosexuality, or STOPPING HOMOSEXUALITY; bold, underlined two or three times... that IS the cause.
My question is, why?

When he was talking, you could not doubt the fact that he is passionate. Spitting when he talked about homos, describing the 'bad' things that we do. The detail he knew was amazing. I mean, I am gay, but the things that he said we homosexuals do was kind of eye opening. Some of them I had only 'read' about them on the net. Honest, he inspired a few naughty thoughts.

But, why has he taken the trouble to go and read deep into gay culture, something which I swear the average Ugandan kuchu is not into? I mean, I am no hetero. but I have seen enough porn flicks (ok, and done a little of that, but let us not go there), to know that heterosexual sex is not all, 'vanilla'.

Fact is, the contrast between Bahati, and the presenter was striking. Ssempa was a man obsessed. He had a passion, whereas the presenter, definitely pro-bill, was, can we say, measured. Even Bahati came accross like so. He had a job to do. And, he was happy that he had done it, presented the Bill. Ssempa was a man possessed.

I have called Ssempa stupid, on this blog. Someone cautioned me that I was letting emotion cloud my perception, and I have been thinking deeper about that. I mean, is Ssempa as stupid as his obsession with homosexuality shows? Why is he prone to glaring, tactical mistakes when it comes to homosexuality? It is like he is a man driven, mad, striving to prove something.

Glaring mistakes?
Well, since I have taken advantage of them, I can point them out.

  • The Pastor Wars. Him accusing Pastor Kayanja of being a homosexual.
    This year, Ssempa was on a roll. A high flying roll. Since well before there were homosexuals in Uganda, he had never had as much success setting the public agenda firmly on homosexuality. He succeded this year. Until he was marred in the Pastor Wars. I have written that it was jealousy which caused the problems. But, was it just jealousy? Ssempa is very, very ambitious, and political, and he knows where the main chance is. Why did he fall into the trap of trying to ensnare Kayanja?

  • Supporting the Bahati Bill.
    Frankly speaking, I think this is also a stupid mistake. The bill is too 'hitlerish'. Too hateful, and out there to be anything but an affirmation of hate. Why do I question Ssempa's involvement? It was definitely there. The involvement. But, he could have continued to hide behind Bahati, and let the poor hapless MP be the fall guy. Whether the bill is passed or not, Ssempa's very tigerish support hurts him, and his allies outside the country. What passion caused him to support it so viperishly?

  • Did Ssempa really read the Bill? Why was he willing to tarnish his reputation as a 'proffessional' Christian? Or was he too impassioned to think logically?

  • The lies he says about gay people.
    Hey, Ssempa doesnt have to lie to cover his hate of us. I mean, the Catholic Church is homophobic. But, as Princess showed, they have layered their (hate to me....!) distaste behind a lot of logical thinking. Or quasi logic. So, why does Ssempa lie? Why does he equate gays with pedophiles? Why does he so conveniently wrap his persecution in a quest for the rights of the 'boy child'? Why does he leave a person with the impression that he detests gay people so much that he is willing to make wild accusations, which a little logic will pull down, and leave one wondering what the hell the man is thinking, saying blatant untruths?

Why is dear Martin Ssempa so wildly, glaringly, obsessed with homosexuality?

I dont know. I have a few theories about that.... But, those would colour my perception if I want to understand Ssempa.
Ssempa is a charismatic man. And, he is a politician, a populist. And he knows how to stir the crowd. All this has resulted in his being a leader, and out there with his wild theories of his world, almost unchallenged. Someone that everyone knows, but who grates uneven for various reasons.

Why is Ssempa obsessed with homosexuality? Uh! Wouldnt I love to know!



Leonard said...

The man that must be King?

Skorrdal said...

I say he's gay - just like the minister in the US, who hated gay people, but liked to sleep with male prostitutes (I forgot his name - like I will forget this person too later on, after he've been found is some kids bed.) Just you wait; he'll be found there soon enough. But that's my opinion.

Anonymous said...

it's so simple: SSEMPA IS GAY!!!!
the biggest enemies of gays are gays themselves. Sadly this is the reality!

Anonymous said...

i thought maybe it was the money. keeping the money flowing in from right-wing evangelicals in the US by promising them some homosexual executions. doing his masters' bidding.

Boson said...

Of course he's gay!

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