Monday, June 26, 2023

3) The Enduring Hypocrisy by GAFCON on care for the LGBTQ+ individual


This is a 3 part examination of the GAFCON tribe of the Anglican Communion. They outed themselves, I am glad to have the data! Part 3.


Whats the whole deal with the Anglican Communion splitting because of Homosexuality?

It is actually an amazing thing. Despite what our in-country Reverands and Rt Reverands will tell us about how bad our sexuality is, there are others, of the same faith, who believe homosexuality is not the supreme evil we are told it is.

Yes. They are in a fight about that. The fight has been on for some time.

And yes, our Reverands and Rt Reverands of the Church of Uganda cannot beat up the other side. But, they can spend their anger and wrath on the poor homosexuals on the ground in Africa…, They can spend their wrath on Kuchus within their reach, not their peers with whom they have a problem.
Just like the Rt. Reverand Stephan Kaziimba, Archbishop of the Church of Uganda has done in Uganda.

The fight in the Anglican Communion is about ‘gay marriage’.
That’s the rough and ready about it. One side wants to bless gay marriage. The other feels this is very, very bad.

Uganda has a Constitutional amendment which effectively outlaws gay marriage. That was done as long ago as 2005.
So, this should not be an issue, should it?
The Anti-Homosexuality Act writes all of it into the law. Yeah, I know, me and other Ugandan Kuchus have not asked for gay marriage… Seems as if they wanted to make sure we never do so. Maybe.

And the whole thing of wanting to kill us?

Yes, life in prison, death, loss of job, reported to police by your neighbour… That is the Ugandan Kuchu’s Cross, the Anti-Homosexuality Act, 2023.

The Church of Uganda and its Bishops and Archbishop are supporting all that. For their own reasons, which in many ways don’t even concern us individually. They support our further criminalisation and killing. And of course they will not tell you that they have co-religionists who actually think that they are wrong and not nice because they want us in prison and dead. That is partly (or mostly) church politics.

Ugandan, and African Kuchu. When you hear our church leaders spit and say how evil homosexuality is, do not despair. It is matter of fact that that opinion is debatable.

After all, those on the other side are also Christians, no?
They include Pope Francis, Reigning Pontiff of the Catholic Church. And they include Archbishop Justin Webley, Archbishop of Cantebury, Primate of All England. [and of the Mother Church!]




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