Saturday, December 12, 2009

Faith and Reason

I am soon going to sleep.

Have just had a lovers' tiff. So, I am spending the time cooling off in the computer. And, soon I will go to bed and hold him. That is how it should end. Always, ok? Love tip from gug...!

But, I have come across the official invitation to Rick Warren by Rachel Maddow. Wow, love that lady. Dont know what to say. Except that, you do, lady!

Anyway, she got Warren's scalp. Now, she wants to confirm it. On the Rachel Maddow show. Will he take the bait? Dont know! I dont know that particular jungle. But, what I know is the barbs in this article are not really camouflaged.

The invite is official: Rachel Maddow wants Rev. Rick Warren, the nation's most visible evangelical pastor right now, on her MSNBC show.
Night after night, Maddow, who is gay, has been hammering conservative U.S. evangelical leaders and politicians for failing to speak out promptly, loudly and clearly against a bill in Uganda that would criminalize homosexuality.

After days of being blasted by name, a few politicians have now issued statements against the bill, just recently toned down from a life imprisonment and death penalty provisions to mere jail time for being actively gay -- or even knowing someone gay and failing to report them. (Imagine the chaos that would create for the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS, apart from legitimizing hate.)

Earlier this week, Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life and leader of vast social action networks in Africa under his PEACE plan, issued his first specific denunciation of the legislation, days after initially saying he couldn't interfere in another nation's politics.
But, the writer doesnt waste time to get onto some very serious business. The Archbishop of Cantebury, (and York) need some serious lessons in manners.

 Meanwhile, still no word from the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, spiritual head of the third largest Christian denomination, the worldwide Anglican Communion with millions of adherents in Uganda.
Williams released his 2009 World Aids Day video on Dec. 1, talking about the dangers of silence on HIV. Six days later, he issued a statement of distress about the election of a lesbian priest as an assistant bishop in Los Angeles, saying it ...
Raises very serious questions not just for the Episcopal Church and its place in the Anglican Communion.
But on Uganda, and a plan to jail people who love outside the lines of heterosexuality -- zip.
What moral ills would drive you to speak out -- even it it means telling other people -- or another country -- how to live?

Yes! Go, lady, Go!

Why is it important that the religious leaders speak out? Because, this bill is made in the NAME OF GOD. It is the Christians who are leading the bill, made in the Name of God, to cleanse Uganda of us homosexuals. So, if Christian Leaders in the rest of the world dont speak out to their brothers and sisters here, why, they will never, ever change their mind.

Check out this article from the Episcopal life online.


spiralx said...

In England's newspaper Daily Telegraph today (Saturday 12 Dec 2009), the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan-Williams, is interviewed. These two pargraphs are about halfway down:

On the other side of the schism in Uganda, a private member’s bill has just proposed the death penalty for some homosexuals (now withdrawn), such as those convicted of raping a minor. And there are those who seek to make a moral equivalence between Los Angeles and Kampala, asking why the Archbishop upbraids the Episcopalians while failing to condemn the Ugandans. Added to which, some American traditionalists have markedly failed to condemn the Ugandan proposals.

“Overall, the proposed legislation is of shocking severity and I can’t see how it could be supported by any Anglican who is committed to what the Communion has said in recent decades,” says Dr Williams. “Apart from invoking the death penalty, it makes pastoral care impossible – it seeks to turn pastors into informers.” He adds that the Anglican Church in Uganda opposes the death penalty but, tellingly, he notes that its archbishop, Henry Orombi, who boycotted the Lambeth Conference last year, “has not taken a position on this bill”.

Of course, we know where the appalling Orombi stands. Firmly with the Nazis and their genocide brigade. I guess we should be truly thankful he hasn't opened his mouth and said what we know he thinks. Yet.

Tobias said...

A new acquaintance Rachel Maddow, but yes, she seems good. And your love tip works. Tried it out this afternoon!

Wendal said...

I watched her show the night she sent out the invite to Rick Warren. What I didnt know was that Maddow is gay. Will be interesting to see if he does respond to the invite

Leonard said...

OMG gug, You´re getting some very important visitors here...Tobias is brilliant (but you probably know that already).

Think of it Rachael Maddow and Rick, I´m not certain Warren will have the balls to do it...afterall, it´s clear Rachael is a purpose driven Lesbian and he´s a guy that tries to be all jolly and sincere at Church...doesn´t seem like fairplay to me (I mean we know what Lesbians can do and he probably doesn´t...he´ll get creamed) back to my other straying thoughts: What about Rachael Maddow inviting Rowan, Archbishop of Canterbury on her show? Go for the bigfish and he´ll be at Trinity Church, Wall Street, New York end of this coming that would be a SHOW...imagine how Rachael will think this one´s not like having a sideshow religious act on´s like having the ¨The Big Magilla¨...she might even be able to translate to us what he says (he´s a very intellectual/lofty Lordship)...well, if she can´t figure him out she ought call in ¨Tobias¨ because Tobias is REALLY SMART! He´s also wonderful and might bring out the best in ++Rowan of Canterbury.

BTW, has Ethics Minister Buturo hidden or news is good news but we saw the female circumcision law was passed...this is good!

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