Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gay Animals?

We were compared to Cockroaches....

Yes, we are. Nsaba-Buturo commonly says that not even animals have anal sex.

Well, these photos are from the New Scientist. They must know what they are talking about, not so? Here they are

Flour Beetles



Big Horn Sheep


Uh, point taken?

Now, now, now. There is a particular fallacious argument that I have been applying very consistently. No, not to justfy my morals, but to point out something that the New Scientist is relying on fallacious arguments. Here it is.

07 December 2009

WHEN the documentary film March of the Penguins came out in 2005, some Christians tried to exploit it to promote a conservative social agenda. To them, the penguins' apparent monogamy and selfless parenting affirmed the rightness of traditional family values.
This is a logical error sometimes called the "naturalistic fallacy": you cannot draw inferences about what is right from what happens in nature. Penguin behaviour tells you nothing about human morality.
The same applies to same-sex sexual behaviour in animals (see "Homosexual selection"). It might be tempting to use animal examples to refute claims that homosexuality is unnatural and therefore wrong. That would be a mistake. We have no need for fallacious arguments to support basic human rights.

I think that means that I shouldnt point out to Christians who tell me that not even animals have anal sex that that is not true? [injured expression...]



Anonymous said...

Love is the prescense of God. When two men or two women love one another, God is present. Christ never condemned homosexuals. These fanatics have stolen the word of God.

Eduardo Guize said...

well said!

Unknown said...

Loved your post... beautiful images and compelling points make up for an undeniable conclusion.

Anonymous said...

If you follow their 'logic' of comparing to animals we should also not wear clothes... Ever seen an animal in trousers? So, very right: we don't need to the animal kingdom to justify our morals... This is just another desperate attempt to 'proof' that homosexuality is immoral...

unused said...

I have had many intellectual debates with my friends over the years, some so intense but always logical ideas were expressed. But when I bring up the issue about the logic behind this law, lets just say, it would be funny if it wasn't so sad! Sadly logic seems to leave the building as soon as this topic comes up. It's no secret we Africans have an inherent or acquired negative bias to gays, but it has always been reflected in an indifference at best and a passive stigma to gays, but rarely violence. The truth be told, many Ugandans know atleast one gay, but have never reported to the police the individual(s) despite there being a law against. In just one year, that has changed, I've seen a side of my church/fellow christians/friends, I was blind to or had never surfaced till now. Reverends preaching with conspicuous disgust, hate(one even confessed that he felt like strangling Ugandan gays for embarassing their parents!). I just don't know why logic, even faith seems to be inconsistent with a discussion on gay issues, it's like we Africans are hot-wired with a failsafe fuse, which allows logic to be sidestepped at the trigger of the gay topic!

spiralx said...

No, gug, not that you shouldn't point it out. But animals may do it for a variety of reasons that are only marginally related to the human version.

And that in any case, it's not about who does what to whom.

This Bill is about trampling all over basic human rights. Coordinated by a rabid religious fanatic clique driven by Americans, whose bigotry is being manipulated by a stupid but cunning Ugandan political regime.

gayuganda said...

Ha ha ha, Spiralx,

you have pointed it out...!

Derek Oakley said...

Check out this comedian, countering the Christian rights 'march of penguins' advocacy with his own 'March of the Mallards' idea

Very Very Funny

natt said...

I know this much. My dog, an 8yr old Miniature Schnauzer, is an out & out homo. He is ostracized by the other gay-hating dogs (some are on the DL), But still boasts a rampant libido. His attentions, though, have NEVER been showered on the bitches.

Anonymous said...

you guys want the world to feel sorry for you but u are doing disservice to yourselves.let me explain: nature works harmoniously meaning that in nature porportions are may be that there are genuine gay people in the world,but what we are witnessing is a major enrolment process into the gay lifestyle especially among teens...we all know that teen are very vulnerable cos they are in search of their identity and rebellion and anticonformisme leave them open to all kind of influences...i lived in new york for the past 17 years... being an observer of my environment i couldnt help but freak on the fulgurant spreading of this phenomenon mostly among teens...we all know that the gay mouvement have their political agenda all over the world they want to expand so that their power is consolidated...thats where things get will try anything taboo...but sexuality is no thing to play with because of psychological repercussion so the world should not stand and watch the futur being pit at risk in the name of so called tolerance or freedom or whatever excuse because if these people really cared they will wanna make sure that they will not inaproprietly put land mines on the youth path...

Anonymous said...

Homosexuality is not harmful. It just means that the person you fall in love with, the person you want to marry, happens to have the same shaped body as you: that's the only definition. I don't see how this causes any evil or suffering in the world. Paedophilia causes massive harm - it scars people for life, I know from experience - it should never be allowed, because it hurts children profooundly. But being gay is just two adults loving each other - it's exactly the same as straight love.

Evil is usually caused by a large mass of people, excited by zealots, directing their hatred at a small group - such as homosexuals, or gypsies, or Jews - anyone who is different and who doesn't fit into the dominant social scheme. This is how the great crimes in history have happened and are still happening.

Gay people are just people, living their lives like anyone else.

Maybe people who are compelled to preach the gospel expect homosexuality to be spread in the same way, but it's not like that: it's just a part of nature. I think God would rather there be happiness and harmony on Earth than hatred and violence against anyone.

Jesus came to Earth to preach love and forgiveness, not to bring wrathful judgement: Only God can do that, and s/he almost certainly has a few billion years to spare.

New York is a different matter: I agree that it's way too mad, too blank, too unfeeling, and that huge numbers of young people are being led astray by massive organisations who monitor their every decision, the better to hypnotise them with false riches. Sexual preference has nothing to do with any of that.

Anonymous said...

You can't make a straight person gay, and vice versa. It's deeper than that. Social conditioning is simply not possible on the scale you suggest, and there is no evidence for a concerted effort.

Reason, and all the evidence, points toward homosexuality being an odd quirk of evolution - a sport of the universe, without which it would be poorer.

Anonymous said...

I'd be happy if my son or daughter was gay

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