Monday, December 28, 2009

Ssempa and Buturo

Plots to kill Ssempa and Buturo.

Did I get your attention? That was the intention. To get hold of your attention, and to hold it.

No, I dont plan on killing Ssempa and Buturo. And, I am not inciting anyone to kill them. Not at all.

Ssempa thinks that I wanted to kill the two of them. Me and my evil gay friends. He has written to me, asking about this. And, I told him off, because he was taking a conversation between out of context. But, dear Ssempa, ever elastic with the truth, as long as it serves him, continues with the disinformation.

True, I would have said, 'Ssempa lies, again'... But, I have already posted that!

Where does he say I and fellow homosexuals wanted to kill him and Buturo? In these videos here. I have not watched them. Internet connection here is not that good. But, there is a helpful transcript, and I am picking here

Ssempa: Ye… Oh! My friend! You know, these homosexuals, there was one, we were discussing about carrying guns… hm? … to come to attack me. And I had me and Buturo and Bahati… And I said, ‘you people! you are discussing about killing us!? you guys are evil!’ and then they say, ‘oh no no no, we’re just joking! what what’ …but you know, 
Ok, and another instance, he asks, through a third person. The conversation was ongoing, and, he sent over some material, from my blog actually. He was asking this other person why I, gug, wanted to kill him.
Here is that e-mail. The subject line had this. Gay Uganda homosexuals plotting to murder Pastor Ssempa/Butuuro?

Dear Gay Uganda, 
Would you care to explain why you and your friends are plotting to shoot me and Hon Nsaba Butuuro?  Here is you and your friends discussion.
Mr. WWWWW could you help explain how Christian is this?
Dr. Martin Ssempa
 And, what was the episode when we were planning to kill Pastor Martin Ssempa and the Honourable Nsaba-Buturo? I hope you are still with me in this kind of tortured retelling of the story. Here is the piece quoted by Ssempa.

Well, we have some kind of fanatic breed here. That is both a good thing and a bad thing. Imagine if you had a no-compromise freak like Ssempa and Buturo on your side. You'd ... have only me left to fight. :o)
Now, on the BHH thing. Well ... I am the only one who carries a gun. The revolutionary, you know ...
    But still. It would be kind of good, because you know ... you will have to show up one day. In this here UG Blogger community, you may find allies. You also need them, you know. We have voices. Collective big voice.
GayUganda..  Come to think of it, that is too much anger displayed. But the fact is, if I bottle it up, I will over boil into something nasty. Have to stay normal and sane, despite the raging insanity outside of me.  Comrade 27th, keep your gun at home. I may be there. But I will keep the element of uncertainty. I may not!
And, that is the proof that we were planning to kill Ssempa... and Minister Buturo, and that was in September 2007. Are we still together?

Now, for an explanation of the episode. Which occurred here, all in cyber. Our virtual, presumably safe world.

Back in September 2007, I had just restarted this blog. You can see all the blog posts. I was a new kid on the block, and, one of the blogger friends, Sasha from Kenya, asked me why I thought the gay debate was so explosive in Uganda. Here is the post.  I do mention Nsaba Buturo, and Ssempa. I have done that on this blog. Many times. I have just read through. Kind of interesting, what we used to think and write and say then. Very interesting.

One Ugandan blogger, (27th Comrade) who is not gay, welcomed me to the Ugandan bloggers community. Oh, you dont see many Ugandans commenting on this blog, and, if you check out the comments below the post above, you will understand why. Initially, most of the comments were flames. I handled them. [shrug, comes with the territory] But, 27th was different. He did welcome me.

27th insisted that, I was a Ugandan, and part of the community, and, he invited me to the Uganda bloggers Happy hour (BHH). A monthly meeting which I am not sure is still happening...! I told him that I actually feared for my life, and, he kindly offered to bring his 'gun' to protect me at the Ugandan bloggers meeting. Here is the relevant comment link.

I went for the meeting. But, I didnt introduce myself.  I am glad I didnt, because I am sure some of the bloggers would have been happy to report me to the police as a real, living homosexual.

But, it is mention of that 'gun' by 27th Comrade that is taken as proof that we were planning to kill Ssempa and Buturo.
To me, the assertion is ridiculous. I informed 27th, and he sent me back a good belly laugh. And, he went on bragging that he will celebrate his sudden fame. Well, Communist is that way. Irreverant humour.

Still, this is important. Because, I am being accused of escalating this debate to wanting to kill Ssempa and Buturo. Far as I know, they want to kill me, using the Anti-homosexuality bill to rid Uganda of homosexuality. Far as I know, I have never even intimated that I would like to kill them. This is a typical Ssempa lie. Take the truth, twist it a little to mean what you want it to mean, and, tell the whole world the big lie, which is believable because he will shout it out.

Well, let it be known that

  • 27th Comrade is not gay. At least not as far as I know

  • That conversation is currently still housed on this blog. the posts are here.

  • To me, the conversation is quite clear. It does contain my opinions of Ssempa and Buturo. I dont believe any of those opinions show that I wanted, or was planning with 27th to kill the two.

  • I believe the misinformation by Ssempa is not a case of mistake. I think he just wants to paint me and any friends as 'evil homosexuals'. To perpetuate the myth of me being bad because I am gay.
Any other thing I should point out? Dont know. Maybe I have, maybe I havent. Maybe I should also point out that I have not yet got the 20Million USD that Buturo spoke about. You never know, the banks were closed. Long holiday and all that. But, I checked my account, and it was not there...!

Why does Ssempa lie? I dont know the answer to that question.


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Leonard said...

I know why Ssempa lies.

He has gone far over the line of reality vs fantasy, the LINE that HE DEMANDS IS RIGHTEOUSNESS...he lives in a world of the lies of his own making and he has repeated them so many times that he believes them himself. HE MUST believe his own lies because his whole propaganda religious scheme depends on, there is trouble and his former ¨allies in fear=hate¨ have diserted him, one, by one and he´s grasping to make himself into the aledged vicitim for the sake of appearing IMPORTANT and HONORABLE (Orombi already did the same as he cast tens of thousands into harms way by demonizing them yet claimed he was in danger for HIS life...hypocrites, basic thugs)...these are sick men, all of them who would do anything for $$$ and/or notice.

Yes, very sick men join the ranks of the near insane and egocontaminated...did you watch the Ssempa video interview? I did. Ssempa is a mouthing off quivering bowl of jelly...he´s not impressive at least on T.V., he´s a jibbering madman who almost drewls and spits and can´t sit still of the television (perhaps he has bladder problems too)...hardly the face and words of a man of God, the reverse seems true.

I also saw MP David, the intended killer, Bahatia on the T.V., there is a scary personality disorder...he CLEARLY forces himself to speak calmly/sweetly and he forces himself to appear rational and the inbetweens are looks filled with paranoia and raging hatred and anger-near-out-of-control...I´m afraid, dear gug, that these men are the potential killers and it´s not hard to see and listen to note they are ON THE RUN.

Nsaba Buturo is a simpleton idiot and court jesture who would recite whatever words he thought the President and the Public would be thrilled to hear to a audience...he loves the prospect of ¨being someone¨ (unfortunately he doesn´t have the basic intelligence to stay in the Cabinet, he embarrasses the President, there is failure in his future...gasp, grandstanding, yet dangerous, fool that he is).

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