Monday, December 14, 2009

Struggle is still on...


Know what, one of us was in a church where Ssempa preached.

I am kind of allergic to all things religion,... Let us not go there.

Anyway, this is someone's account of what happened there.

The latest reaching me is yesterday Sempa in church said the bill will be passed in Feb 2010 and that they had amended it.
He asked how many people had laptops and in the whole church there were 13 people and he asked if they had access to internet and they put hands down, then he asked those who had desk top computers the majority raised hands with access to internet none, He then went ahead and told them that all of us (LGBTI) have Laptops with internet.
He strengthened by saying next year (2010) Jan Campus (Makerere University) will have wireless internet so he advised them to sign up on Facebook  and campaign for the bill to pass. Come Jan they are going to have billboards and posters all over the country campaigning fo rthe bill to pass. He told them if they dont have internet let them spend 500 shs (about quarter a USD) to access the (internet) cafe's and campaign.

End of report.


What can I add?


Hey, remember when I was offline, I hadnt yet renewed my subscription, and my salary was late.... That is why I took the opportunity to go off line. For a little while.
No, we all dont have laptops. I am kind of privileged. We all dont have internet. Again, I have privileges. Ask yourself why Ssempa is demonising gay Ugandans? He really wants that law passed.

And, I wonder, who is going to fund all the billboards going up in the country to campaign for the bill? I dont know. Promises to be an interesting beginning of 2010


more thought. I think the bill cannot be 'ammended'. Not once it is published in the Gazette. That is the law, isnt it? Anyway, means that the Ssempa's have decided to remove the life-time imprisonment (that is the old law!), and death penalty. To make those recommendations. But, the whole ammendment process has to be in parliament in session. The committees dont change it. They make recommendations....! Oh, I will confuse you. Just wanted to point out that what Ssempa is stating as fact is actually not really true.



spiralx said...

We already know what a mnaasive liar he is, from the "Pastor Wars". The pity of it is that the dimwits listening to him will probably believe his lies. I'll be amused, though, if some of them do go and throw their hard-earned shillings away on cyber-cafes!!

gayuganda said...

Unfortunately, Ssempa is truly charismatic. They believe him. They believe his causes. I bet the ones who had formed the hate groups on Facebook were some of them.

I dont know where he gets this control over them, but I know he does have them behind him

Eduardo Guize said...

Doesn't Facebook remove those groups automatically? do we have to "report abuse" one by one?

spiralx said...

If necessary, yes.

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