Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Don’t blame yourself

(To all well wishers and supporters. And friends out there. This is a message to you.)

When this bill becomes law. Even as harsh as it is. Don't blame yourself

I am feeling low. So, there is no better time than this to write a maudlin, depressed article. ‘cause I am feeling low. Oh, you will learn the reason, from a post, if it is not yet up.

Opposition to the Bahati Bill has been fierce. Outside the country. Very, very fierce. More fierce than I would have expected. Beyond expectations, actually. We have managed to have the world aware of the bill. Put it out there in the conscience of the world.

My country has been condemned, internationally.

Nuremberg Laws and the Nazi Holocaust have been cited. History is a tough teacher. But, none of us ever learnt from it. We are all determined to repeat its mistakes. Including genocide.

I know, there are some who will claim that the fierce, horrified opposition from the rest of the world made this bill pass.
No. It didn’t. It will not pass because Ugandans have a knee jerk reaction to ‘political interferance’. It will not pass because Ugandans are having this need to appear very good. And, it will not pass because Ugandans have a highly developed sense of morality. If you think that is true, just check the Ugandan newspaper websites on the number of children that have died because of ritual child sacrifice in Uganda this year alone. At least 100, by the last count. We are as immoral as any other people on earth. But, we do hate our homosexuals. Passionately.

It will pass because our government wanted it to pass. It will pass because our President wanted this bill to become law.

And, it is going to pass, because our people believe in their right to persecute homosexuals.

That is the plain sense of it.

I know, told you I was feeling low. That is the time to write such sober truths. Today, in the Monitor in Uganda, the headline is ‘I oppose Uganda’s Gay Bill’. And the speaker? Obama. And, the Monitor weighs in at the international opposition that has been falling on Uganda’s ears. Closed ears, I must say.

In parliament, the opposition is united behind the government. In support of the bill. Maybe a few ‘odious’ clauses will be removed. Like the death penalty. Or, maybe not. But, opposition and government are happy to pit their political fortunes in defence of the bill.
Maybe, to maintain the semblance of no government involvement, Minister of Ethics and Integrity, the Hon. Nsaba Buturo is going to maintain a vestige of silence. He was not supposed to comment, before. Seems like he has forgotten that he did. And, of course, it was supposedly a ‘private member’s bill’. My foot.

So, the government, like the Church of Uganda, have no 'official position'. Well, hypocrisy of that magnitude doesnt pass here. Both the Anglican church of Uganda, and the Government of Uganda, strongly, unequivocally support the Anti-Homosexual Bill.

Both the Church of Uganda, and the Government of Uganda are lying. You can as well hang me for that. As for being gay, of course

The Monitor is coming out as a strong, and fierce advocate for us. Very, very suprising. Someone has shifted minds and hearts there. It might have been Val Kalende, who once did work there. I know, because, Monitor writers are also Ugandans. They also have similar prejudices to other Ugandans. We are all the same. Not angels, no. Of course, the more obvious reason is that the government has been trying to keep a lid on the story within the country. So, the Monitor, independent as ever, is up to tickling the government ever sensitive sides. They have also reported on the research institution which Uganda may not get, because of the bill. Remember the contrasting report yesterday.

The Independence, Andrew Mwenda's magazine weighs in with 'Dont kill in God's Name' It has been on sale for a few days. Is online now.

Elsewhere, Uganda's Muslim minority is being blamed for the Death Penalty Provision in the law. There is nothing as embarassing as a lie written. I must say I dont understand America's cultural wars. Why tell lies in the name of god? Forgive me, I am unread, an African, a disbeliever, or unbeliever. But why espouse some values and then so blatantly lie about them?

This is the editors note, from Anglicans United that I am writing about.

[Ed. Note:  It is imperative to remember that Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi and the Ugandan House of Bishops has condemned the inclusion of the death penalty in this bill.  That inclusion is the work of the Islamic majority in Uganda and the Anglicans have disassociated themselves from it.  Cheryl M. Wetzel]
 My strength, and weakness in this debate, on which my freedom and life depends, is the fact that I can almost not lie. Why lie, when facts are stronger, are researcherble, are more moving than barefaced lies? Damn, I can even look myself in the face and say when I am lying.

I mean, Uganda is majority Christian. There is no majority moslem here. And, the people who wrote the bill would be horrified to be told they are moslems. They are very, very proud Christians.
And, I am sure that Orombi supports this bill. Fully. Totally.
He will not go out like Pastor Ssempa and offer his very vocal support. And, I bet he sat back and tried to read it when condemnation was coming in left right and centre, and Cantebury wondered out aloud how an Anglican could support such legislation.

There is that website called Virtue online. It is amazing. The virtues that they are supposed to promote are Christianity. Call me an old fashioned guy, but lying to me is not very Christian. Especially, in the case like Uganda where these lies are having the horrible consequences of the Bahati Bill.

Someone asked me to keep putting up the text of the bill.

Far as I know, the text, as published in the Uganda Gazette, (gazetted, I believe is the word), the text does not change. Even in committee. The committe makes recommendations and these are voted on in the session of parliament. I think that is the law. I admit, I am no lawyer. And, at the moment I am too much in a funk to care...!

So, the text of the bill is like so. It has not been ammended. It is still like so. The recommendations of the committees will be voted on in the 2nd and 3rd reading. Oh, it will pass. Dont kid yourself. Dont chide yourself. That bill will become law in Uganda.

The current posturing leaves me little hope but that.

The next post on Defence of Uganda explains why the bill will pass. Despite the International outcry... And, here is more reason why. The article on 'defence of Uganda' predicts that the bill will pass unanimously. Frankly, I have no reason to disbelieve that. Here is why. Even those who want to talk, fear being labelled gay.

But gay Ugandans won't be the only people down there. Erias Lukwago, a first-term lawmaker, says he doesn't like the bill but can't afford to disagree with it in parliament.
"I'm telling you I cannot. I fear the reaction of society to be associated with gays — highly stigmatized, ostracized. Even for this interview alone it might be perceived that the gay community is paying me," he says.
Until the political climate changes in Uganda, Lukwago says he is keeping his mouth shut.

Hey, have I infected you across cyber with my bad mood? Very depressing, isnt it? Now, I must go out and read a poem. To cheer myself up.

Cheer up. The bill will pass. Dont blame yourself. We shall still fight.

So, have a great day. You should. We are still alive.



Anonymous said...

Don't be so pessimistic Gug...
You make one big assumption: that the bill will be put to parliament to be voted for... My opptimistic mind says that it will not reach parliament anymore and it will die a silent death.... no? oops, maybe i'm a bit too optimistic...

AfroGay said...

I share your sentiments Anon. This bill is going to be kicked around like a football but it will not become law in Uganda. There is simply too much at stake for the government (read the President) for him to let it become law.

But I suppose the voices of doom and gloom are necessary to keep the fire beneath the opposition from turning to embers and/or even dying out.

spiralx said...

The fact that it has got this far at all shows how easy a repeat of the Rwandan genocide would be for various other countries in Africa.

We still have Burundi's criminalisation law on the books, and that appalling Gambian President mouthing off with "Kill the gays" quite openly.

Anonymous said...

We still have Burundi's criminalisation law on the books, and that appalling Gambian President mouthing off with "Kill the gays" quite openly.¨spiralx

True. Also, I think the absense of ¨moral authority¨ from selfrighteous ¨Christians¨ is not strong enough...these ¨Christians¨ are murderers, liars and thieves...Henri Orombi is the leader of the wolf pack and has been scavaging for years in the United States...he, amongst others such as Ssempa are, Scott Lively and Buturo are common criminals...and will do anything for money...we´re talking anything, yes, you´re right, they have worked the crowd into hysteria and Orombi now HIDES behind blaming Moslems (in a vastly Christian majority)...conniver, hypocrit and bigot (can you imagine his REAL defective personal nature? shudder).

Skorrdal said...

"[I]t is going to pass, because our people believe in their right to persecute homosexuals"

I hope you are wrong... But... Then I read this "shit":

How can anyone love those "Christians"? How is it possible? Honestly?

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