Thursday, December 10, 2009

More Movement

Definitely not the political party. I am a sworn off non-supporter of a party that justifies killing me for political benefits. Any spies out there, go tell Museveni.

I have just 'heard' that Nsaba-Buturo has graciously conceded the death penalty and life-imprisonment on us poor homosexuals so that he can get the support of the religious leaders.... An empty lie.

First of all, please bear in mind, the CURRENT LAW that is on the Ugandan Penal Code mandates imprisonment from 14 years to LIFE IMPRISONMENT. Which means, that if they are dropping death and life, that means they will have to REVISE the old law. Which is one of Sylvia Tamale's contention. This law is absolutely unnecessary. A gimmick of our Ugandan leaders to appease and follow the anti-gay rhetoric of their AMERICAN Religious Political Extremists

The religious leaders in Uganda completely, absolutely support the government on this. And, they have been preaching to the folks in Uganda to support the bill, as any non support is caving in to 'colonialist' pressure. Just have a look at this report from the Monitor.

At least 200 senior religious leaders in Uganda have thrown their weight behind the government backing it not to “yield to pressure” from donor countries that are demanding the withdrawal of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill before Parliament.
Under their umbrella organisation of the Inter-religious Council of Uganda (IRC), the clerics have recommended that the government should think of cutting diplomatic ties with countries that are bent on forcing homosexuality on Ugandans.
The Bill proposes that a person convicted ofhomosexual in Uganda is liable to life imprisonment,
At their three-day meeting in Entebbe this week, the spiritual leaders came up with several recommendations that are opposed to homosexuals.
“Government should cut ties with donor communities and other groups which support ungodly values such as homosexuality and abortion,” one of the resolutions reads.
Some donor countries including, Canada, UK and Sweden have been pressuring Uganda to discard the proposed law intended to  severely punish homosexuals.

Not understood
The Secretary General of the Inter-religious Council of Uganda, Mr Joshua Kitakule, told Daily Monitor yesterday  that development partners should not  interfere in the process of legislation in Uganda.
“Those countries should respect our spiritual values. They shouldn’t interfere,” he said. “All senior religious leaders have been given copies of the Bill to read and educate people in the churches and mosques,” he added.   Mr Kitakule said the Bill, which was tabled last month by Ndorwa West MP David Bahati, has not been understood by human rights activists and homosexauls.  
“The Bill is ok. But it has been misunderstood. We need to educate people on this proposed law,” he said.
Bishops from the Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox, Seventh Day Adventist churches as well as Muslim kadhis agreed to defend the Bill in their centres of worship.

So, please, get it right people out there. This is a victory for the people, our friends out there who have been putting pressure on the Ugandan govt. Funny, the Archbishop of Canterbury's intense but private negotiations may not be bearing fruit. because, as detailed above, the Church leaders want the unchanged bill as it is......!

Please, everyone there, to whom I have to give my thanks, remember that the real war is still on. Just have a look at some of the provisions which stand. Have picked them up from Andrew Sullivan, since I am too lazy to look for them on this blog of mine.

* Criminalize all speech and peaceful assembly for those who advocate on behalf of LGBT citizens in Uganda with fines and imprisonment of between five and seven years.
* Criminalize the act of obtaining a same-sex marriage abroad with lifetime imprisonment. This penalty may be reduced in the new version, but the act still appears to be criminalized to some extent.
* Add a clause which forces friends or family members to report LGBT persons to police within 24-hours of learning about that individual’s homosexuality or face fines or imprisonment of up to three years.
* Add an extra-territorial and extradition provisions, allowing Uganda to prosecute LGBT Ugandans living abroad.
* Void all international treaties, agreements and human rights obligations which conflict with this bill.
One of his readers asks:
I wonder if they didn’t initially include the death penalty in this bill as a ploy, knowing they would bargain it away so that once it was gone the rest of the bill wouldn’t seem so extreme.

Hey, I am still blogging. There is too much news for me to leave un-explored here.

Till I get the blog again....

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spiralx said...

"...our spiritual values..."

What a joke. They mean, of course, imported religion, from both West and East, topped up with a splash of American right-wing Religious Right propaganda.

Oh - and the money that goes with it. Don't forget the bank accounts, gentlemen. Now that's what I call "choosing a preferred lifestyle".

Eduardo Guize said...

Thanks for sharing this info...

As if Europeans and Americans hadn't caused enough damage already in African.. This is simply vile...

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