Tuesday, December 8, 2009


The temptation is going online.

See, I was wound up, stressed, and feeling like I was walking a tightrope drunk. Had to promise myself some rest. And, necessarily, that meant getting off the net, and getting some shut eye. Some very good shut eye.

Managed the sleep. No alcohol to drown in. My lover not with me, but in contact. And, well, lots of other temptation, which for the sake of rest, I bravely resisted. See, I can control myself. Sometimes. [Sigh, now, just as I had written that, a faily beautiful piece of eye candy surfaces. Down, boy!]

Its morning. A very bright morninng. I woke to the sound of song birds. And now, most people here are asleep. Though getting up and about. And, I am having the chance to seat alone, bits and pieces of, well, beautiful men drifting in and out of sight. But, let me describe the place.

Flat. Kampala is hills and valleys. Green hills and valleys. Not so easy to find a place that is this flat, when I can look across a fairly long distance without seeing a hilltop. Love it that way.

So, I am not in Kampala...!

Anyway, flat terrain, which means the buildings around are a severe restriction to my sight of the distance. To compesate, lots of trees and shrubs, and birds in the trees. Bird song continues. Shrill calls, not the other morning orchestra that I woke to. Now they are hunting early morning insects and worms. And calling back and forth to mates. See a humming bird hovering in a tiny flowered tree here. I am no naturalist. Just someone who likes what I see.

There is a chill, early morning bite to the air. Not unpleasant. Promises to be a day of bright sun. A hot day. Planning to enjoy it. Greatly!

Now, back to that niggling temptation. To go online. I can. But if I do, then I will have broken my self imposed resolution, and I will be immerse in things to do. And, of course, there is the news to see about the bill, and trying to figure out a few things.


Of course, I will get online. Lousy, the thought that I am ever able to fight that kind of temptation. But, I promise myself not to go onto Facebook....! But there are friends there that I have not given a shout out for some time.....

Bill things. I am so wrapped up in my world that I forget that other things are happening. Seems the President and the Kabaka are still fighting it out. Tough that. Cant help shrugging my shoulders. Kind of a war that must affect me, but I dont think I have any chance of affecting it either way. So, let the big shots fight.

So, let me take the plunge, and check my mail...!

Have a great morning. And a great day!



Anonymous said...

still cant imagine how you would find another man attractive, indeed, unnatural offences!

Colin Coward said...

Gug, I can imagine very very well how you find other men attractive, oh yes I can, and I do! Attractive and very natural for both of us.

Anonymous said...

And Anonymous, why the f... do you care who Gug finds attractive? Just as I am sure Gug could not care less (and would have no wish to interfere in) who you finds attractive...

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