Thursday, December 17, 2009

Conversation with a Ugandan Legislator 2

Well, you saw it. The first part of the conversation with Honourable Benson Obua Ogwal.

There is no question I was being naughty. I reached out to him, and he kindly answered. Then I put his answers on the blog.
No, I will not defend myself on that. My life on line, I am sorry if what I am ready to do to survive irks you.

And, it is still on line. Life and liberty, of me and mine.

Anyway, the honourable MP does pass through the blog posts, to see what us perverts are up to. And, he was not happy that his very letter, and identifications were published. He wrote me another, to finally say goodbye, with a good rant. And an update that he gave me permission to post.

See, Hon. Obua-Ogwal, the problem is that we cannot speak in the country. We homosexuals. You do a lot of abuse of us in private in Uganda. Frank abuse, like that in your first letters. Pastor Ssempa spits. Spits on live TV, speaking about us.

Maybe it is his right.

For me, I am a Ugandan. I will not rescind my citizenship because some people who dont know me want me to. Because they are Christians. Or, for any other reason.

Here is Hon. Obua-Ogwal's latest communication.

Anonymous Gay Man-woman,

I knew at some point you would do exactly what you have done; splash our "private discussions" for the whole "world" to see and sympathise with your wayward ways. I follow your campaigns on your blogs and the misinformation that you peddle just to gain sympathy.

I had said the discussion was over, but I just had to come back this once to say that we have done our homework very well and the Bill will be passed. Keep your head low in your practice, do not mess with minors/juveniles and disabled, and you will be very safe. Better still, reform and drop the bad habit.

I was about to bring on board a medical expert who is ready to take you on with scientific data since you do not trust any of us lay people to think this through, but now I am having second thoughts. He has done extensive research in this area. You are not born that way; you learnt the bad habit and so you can unlearn it!

You are permitted to call me, Bahati, Buturo anything you want, but we are going to keep our cool and go on working to keep the integrity of our beloved Pearl of Africa.

By the way, if you did not know, there is a Moroto County in Lira district, Lango sub-region as opposed to Moroto district in Karamoja. So if you a Karamojong who is a homo, that is up to you; but I am sure we do not have any Homo in Moroto county. It would be taboo.

Go ahead and put this one on your blog too; you have my permission.

Tell the Orthodox Jews who are praying for you that Bwana Matovu made his submission to the Parliamentary Committee charged with scrutinising the Bill long before the Entebbe meeting and he made the views of the Orthodox Church very clear, and I am sure you know what it is by now.

I have learnt that this Bill has opened for guys (gays) a globetrotting opportunity and so many are one the way to come and try to convince our leaders otherwise. They are welcome to enjoy the beautiful climate here. We will give them audience where necessary to tell them that here, we are a sovereign state and we will not take orders from elsewhere, but do what our population want us to do.


Well, a fuse overloaded somewhere in my brain and I sent a missive back. Not very proud of it, but, well.....!

Here it is.

Hi Benson,
Know why I did it? Because of your intemperate language.
You know, you abuse us in private, and, expect us to be very, very temperate in language towards you.
Isnt that funny?

Of course I did it so that I get your attention. And, to show the world how the good Christians of Uganda treat us evil homosexuals in private, and in Uganda, when the rest of the world does not see. Were you ashamed of it?
Do you think Pastor Ssempa is ashamed of spitting on tv when he mentions homosexuals?
Told you, it is my life. My life that is in balance.
And, I am going to post this also. Thanks for the unnecessary permission. So, keep your attention there. And, of course I am going to send copy this to the others. I get tired of you expecting me to play fair, when you abuse me, tell lies about me, and do all other things. I am gay. Call me a pervert, call me what you do, that is your privilege. Want to play rough with me, well, I can give almost as well as I get.
By the way, thanks for falling into that trap... Your name, the fact that you represent UPC, those were more than enough to make me know that it was not Karamoja that you represent.
So, are you tribalistic also? Do you believe that the Langi are superiour to the Karimojong? So, no Langi can be a homosexual?
Benson, I really wish you had an expert in the scientific aspects of sexuality. Because, you would not even say such ridiculous things.
And, for your information, WWWWWWW is really an expert. If you have taken the chance to ask his opinion as a born again Christian, I am sure he will also be able to satisfy your opinion as a scientist.
I am not happy to do any fights in public, but, Benson, you do deserve it. More than you think.

GayUganda the Pervert

Well, there we are. The Orthodox Jews that he wrote about, I think he meant Orthodox Christians. A small slip of the mind,... err tongue, or fingers. From a comment here.

Nice to note that the Parliament is sticking to its guns. For the good of the Pearl of Africa, of course, isnt it?




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Please see this ON

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We have written Dr. Rachel Maddow.

Remember us with merciful thoughts.

Anonymous said...

For Mr.Benson's information: I am male Langi and I have a boyfriend for 4 years now. Please stop ignoring what is right under your eyes. Stop rejecting realities that you cannot change. Accept that there is diversity in this world. Or you want to remain backward for the rest of your life!? Uganda is now becoming a SHAME for the whole world!

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