Wednesday, January 20, 2010


A parent’s unconditional love.

Something that all us humans can imagine. Seeing a small, helpless little person in your arms. Looking at them, holding out your arms to them, holding them, literally, knowing that on you they depend, body, mind, soul.

They are lots and lots of labour.

But, few people will shirk this labour of love. That is a fact.

Of course, some do, as a choice. And, there are those who abuse children. A crime if there was ever one. Universally ugly. Very ugly.

We gay people, we are also human being. We also love to have children, to have that unconditional love given and taken. It is tough, we know it. But, we move heaven and earth to do something as simple as getting children. And, loving them.

No, we are not pedophiles. We are not evil. We are just simple human beings, with the same needs for love, understanding, same desires to see ourselves in another, a child, our own. Maybe adopted, maybe not.

Of course we do know that we cannot have children with gay sex. And, some accuse us, and devile us because of that. It is ‘sterile’ they say, forgetting that we are not sterile. And that no fertility tests are done before marriage. Heterosexual marriage.

They forget that making love is not about sex. Especially the love that dares not speak its name (uh, Wildey, did America swallow you up? Where are you?!) It has to be bigger, deeper, stronger. Because it doesn’t have social supports.

But, they (as in those who think us evil), they believe we should also not have children. We shouldn’t adopt too.

Ugly, ugly, ugly.

And know the real reason we will always win? The real dark agenda that is the homosexual’s secret? It is actually very simple.

We, we gay people, homosexuals, we are also human.

And, those who hate us will always fail to prove our inhumanity. Because we are also human.

Hang in there everyone. Be well and keep up the fight.

If you are gay, remember that thing that you have. You are a human being. Only you can take that conviction, that self knowledge away from you. And yes, you can do it. So don’t. Do NOT hurt yourself. Don’t think of yourself as less than human. That is the whole trick, that is the whole secret. That is why the Ssempa’s of this world try to convince your world that you are not HUMAN.

But, we are also human. With the gifts and faults that means.

Have a great day.



Jean-Paul, Canada said...

Hi gug,

I like your attitude.

One of the ways that we Canadians have found strength is to put together Gay Archives. It is a tremendous boost to know that we do have a history, regardless of how cruel society has been to us over the years.

The same has been done in the USA. In fact, here is a sample of what I receive every day from

WEDNESDAY, January 20th

1944 - on this date the great Black Lesbian poet PAT PARKER was born (d. 1989). Author of many books, including "Movement In Black," "Child of Myself" and "Jonestown and Other Madness." She is remembered for such incisive writing in poems like "For the white person who wants to know how to be my friend" and "For The Straight Folks Who Don't Mind Gays But Wish They Weren't So BLATANT" (One of the funniest and most right-on poems written on this subject -- see today's "Gay Wisdom").

Her poems were a herald of strength and resistance in the early movement of Gay Liberation. After a long history of writing and teaching, Parker died of cancer in 1989.

2003 - on this date in South Africa an execution-style attack at a Cape Town Gay bath house killed eight men and badly wounded two.

2009 - on this date a year ago PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA was inaugurated into office in Washington, DC with great expectation to make sweeping change. It was a great day with great fanfare (Aretha's hat!) and record crowds for an inaugural in bitterly cold weather.

He's finished his first year now and this editor will not editorialize other than to say "Tick tock Mr. President. Tick Tock. Still waiting."

For Catholics today is the feast day of ST. SEBASTIAN. Popular among many Gay men why exactly? Could it have something to do with his commonly being depicted in art and literature tied to a post naked and shot with arrows? Others claim he was the beloved of the emperor Diocletian, who turned against him for embracing Christianity. Given Christianity's common position on homosexuality, Dio could be forgiven for his disappointment, couldn't he? On a more trivial note Sebastian is the patron saint of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Jean-Paul Bentham

Hélder António said...

«lots of labour of love»

Greetings from Portugal, gug and Jean-Paul.

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