Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tea leaves

Lessons from Harry Potter.

When you are deciphering the tea leaves, there are some shapes which are more important than others. For example, the Grim is more important than a sailing ship, if you know what I mean... Of course I am sure you dont!
Anyway, when you listen to the confusion coming from the Uganda government about the Bahati bill, you need to keep your ears open for what one person says. And, that is the President. Here is what he says. See, today has been a day for the meeting of the NRM, the ruling party. In preparation for the elections next year.

(Oh, as a by the way, we are having all sorts of security running wild in Kampala. To stop the other parties from meeting...! That is Uganda. Even the opposition has to follow the will of the rulling party.)
But, that was an aside.

The president spoke. Cautiously. Here.

Government yet to decide on Anti-Gay Bill
The government of Uganda has not taken any position on the bill that is before parliament and it will hold discussions with MP David Bahati to reach an agreed position. This revelation was made today in Entebbe during the NRM's National Executive Conference at State House.
The president told the delegates that much as Uganda has the right to protect its cultures and values, there is need to exercise extreme caution while dealing with the anti-gay bill that is before parliament.
Several world leaders have been calling the President to find out the progress oof the bill that is before parliament.
My thanks, for your concern, citizens of the world. We cannot speak. Even when it is our lives under threat. We simply cannot. When you ask your leaders to speak to Our president, then you are doing us immeasurable service. Thanks, a lot. Thanks.

As for understanding what the president says. Just re-read the opening statements on this post of mine.

Oh, on the matter of not being able to speak. Here is what one person feels I should take as a warning. Note the final command.

They posted it on this blog. Here.

The warning is pretty clear, isnt it?

Ok, it is no secret who I am. I mean, it is an open secret. So, when this anonymous person says they know me, why, I do tend to take it seriously. Especially because of the fact that I have been getting other indications that people do know dear old gayuganda.

I am pretty sure Ssempa knows who I am. And, by extension, Buturo, Bahati and the others. Violence to me and mine? I will defend myself as and when I can.
Dont worry friends. I have made contingency plans. And, the reason this blog needs to be kept posting is simply because we have no other voice. We gay Ugandans, as other Ugandans debate a bill to kill us or imprison us legally for life.

Think I am joking? I invite you to read the text of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. It is here.

Oh, anon, I am very glad that the blog annoys you. Think my life is worth it?

Okay, I am certainly not as calm as I seem....! And, telling my partner the developments of the day tends to multiply the concern. But, we have to live, minute by minute, day by day.

I am told that there should be something on NTV at nine tonight. Hope it is worth watching. Usually news is kind of too old....

Be good. Be well


PS; NTV tonight, some interesting statements from the man. But, much more of the same!!!


Anonymous said...

You are in my thoughts and I hope no harm comes to you. I read your blogs from the relative safety of the U.S.A. where legally I am protected from being killed for being gay. I hope that my government will do all it can to support the rights of LGBT persons in others countries, even though my own government is not perfect on this front. I wish you much peace and safety in this time.

Anonymous said...

The question rest: Why is given this warning, before Parliament ist talking about the bill? ;)

Karen said...

You and your partner have been in my thoughts. It is good to know that you have contingency plans. I hope you do not have to use them. I too read this blog from the safty of the USA and am glad to hear that pressure on world leaders to speak may be having some effect. I wish you peace and safety and many, many more anniversaries with your beloved.

southernlunatic said...

Gug, I wish you and your partner the best, and I admire your courage. Reading this blog has inspired me to begin my own. In America, gay is White, homophobic is Black, and living between those lies is tough, but reading your blog and seeing your courage in such a situation has inspired me.

It is my hope that one day, your goverment will see it's error, and see how wrong their actions are. Politicians have been doing it since "gay" meant homosexual, using gay people as a distraction from real issues, notably their failure to serve their constituents. Finger point and lie and tell people that society's corruption comes from gay people, and screw them over.

I'm glad that you are holding fast to your right of free speech. Knowledge is power, channel it.

Thank you so much for this blog,

Ronald, New Orleans, USA

Anonymous said...

You really are a brave soul!! We all have you to thank for keeping us up to date with all the info coming from Uganda. I read this everyday to follow what is happening. You are in my prayers. Stay strong

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