Thursday, February 11, 2010

Round up. Sort of...!

I am lagging behind. Yeah, getting lazy. But, why not pass through a few of these?

Bahati's lies? Think I am letting them go?

No. If he lies, I will say that he lies. If he doesnt, then I will be the liar. But, I will give it a break.

I have followed it twice, and was planning another angle of the Bahati lies. But, I will give them a break. After all, the guy does claim to be a Christian. But, I will come back to them. Promise.
And, I know others have gotten the bit between their teeth. Look you here.


A guy writing for In-Accuracy in the Media is going full bore. He needs a little bit of pity... But, maybe not. If you make your bed with Ssempa, you richly deserve all the benefits of that lying down place...! Here, he gets a doze of his true desserts. But, people like Ssempa rarely get embarassed by truth revealed. And, someone who may or may not support him...
Ask Rick Warren. Recently, Ssempa is blasting his mentor. Did he really sell thousands of copies of the Purpose Driven Life? I have seen it on the street corners in Kampala. So, maybe he did.

And, hope you have seen that 30 Million USD is coming to Uganda. Not into poor gayuganda's coffers. But, for AIDS research.
Ugandans will be very happy to receive that. And of course then tell you that they will retain their right to kill their gays, and write oppressive laws.

The Church of Uganda released a statement, right?
Oh, they are politicians. Trying to parse their words. But again, they didnt actually read the bill that protects the 'boy child'. Seems that they have to be referred to this one again. Here. And, if you are not convinced, check out again the Bahati Lies posts on this blog.
No. I dont want to be killed because someone, a leader, an MP decides not to respect truth as I know it. If he doesnt lie, why, let him come up and show that he does not lie. Very easy. I am inviting him.

I know the Church of Uganda was trying to play hooky with responsibility. Here, someone else dissects their lack of support for the Bahati Bill.
Indeed, their lack of support for the bill is a very clever statement. It is true that we as Ugandans sometimes justifiably take pride in our intelligence. I mean, I must protest that the likes of Ssempa are the outliers... [ahem, dont you mention Idi Amin!] But, that statement from the Church of Uganda is very clever.

Just wait till it is in the proposals make it into the bill, then I will start shooting holes into it. Let them glory in their ignorance. Ha, they even noticed that the title of the bill was a non-seller! Ha ha ha ha!

I love democracy. The right to say, I dissent is jealously guarded. It allows us to think, to question. Of course there is always a problem when one sees lunatics listened to in the name of democracy. Lunatics like the pornography showing Ssempa. Why didnt the police arrest him, by the way? Here is another point of view on the opposition to the bill. Parse words? I dont like it.

Truth Wins Out has opened, or re-opened another front on the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. There are Christian Churches that do support the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. This post from the Throckmorton Blog identifies some such. And, I am told also Box Turtle Bulletin. Now, Truth Wins Out asks Christians to ask their local churches, politely, whether they do support the bill. You never know, your local church in the US may be part of the Anglican Province of Uganda. I kid you not!
This Gay Ugandan does thank you for that action.

I know it is not my efforts in Uganda that are punching holes in the support for the Bill. Did I note the overboard support for the bill that the Church of Uganda came up with at the beginning? They were shouting things like 'imperialism' and in the face of their dear brothers and sisters in the west, because those did NOT support a genocidal bill.

I dont have to detail the statements that were made by the Provincial Secretary of the Church of Uganda, I believe he is the official spokesperson.
But now, they come out 'not' supporting the bill.

That was a coup.

Forget their play with words, supporting, not supporting, playing hide and seek. Bask in the knowledge that they were forced to read the bill, and, ultimately came out not supporting it. The Catholics were very predictable. Their doctrine is set in stone.
But, Uganda's protestants? I didnt think it possible that they would come out AGAINST the bill. Just read the Bishop of Karamoja's thoughts on the bill if you want a representative sample of the venom and hate that has been coming out of the halls of these Princes of the Church of Christ.

The moral high ground has to be undermined, to be removed from these un-Christian Christians. I know Ssempa is doing a good job of that, but there are many others who are doing the same things, all in the name  of Christ. Or, they are hiding in ignorance, supporting their leaders blindly. In most cases, those people have read their Bibles. Ask them to read the Bill. Text is here. That might have a salutary effect on their enthusiasm.

Increadibly, there are some Americans who want to be in a place like Uganda.

Such foolishness is beyond my limp imagination. Their country is built on the principles of freedom. Real freedom. But they cannot but delude themselves.
Maybe they hate homosexuals so much they would rather be in a country that jails them than one that allows them to be themselves. Americans. I do salute you. Here is an article about that very, err, tendency!

Have a great evening!


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