Monday, March 29, 2010

Africa; Asking the Hard Questions; the not so simple Questions.

Why is it so important for Nigeria, Uganda and now, Malawi to squander public resources in the repression of homosexuals and lesbians citizens within these African nations? It is just astonishing that some African nations focus on the persecution of homosexuals, gays and lesbians, instead of the more important focus on continental development.
Why is it that political and religious leaders in these nations seem to see or interpret homosexual and lesbians sexual preferences and practices as if more of existential threats and or, inimical to the pursuits of health, wealth and happiness than say, malaria, AIDS, unemployment, unclean water, broken and decrepit public infrastructures?
I am a heterosexual male and I do not believe that my sexual preference makes me remarkable.
We ought to be able to accept homosexuals, gays and lesbians without making value judgments or some sorts of dogmatic and judgmental moral condemnations of gays and lesbians, based upon or predicated on our moral certainty or religious “superiority”
I am quite at a loss when I listen the vehemence and stridency, with which some Nigerians, some South Africans, some Ugandans, some Malawians etc, talk, discuss, and in fact, attack gays and lesbians within our nations.
Why is it that in the midst of greater challenges, such as suffocating abject poverty, and pervasive-permeating wants in these nations, and yet, some of us, manage to squander our time and efforts, in addressing sexual choices made by grown men and women with mutuality of sexual interests and with affections, derived of knowing and informed consent, permission and mutual authorizations.
I am certainly at a total loss as to why for instance, Uganda now is notorious worldwide for contemplating the death penalty or capital punishments for persons engaged in gay and lesbian sexual intercourse? How about the death penalty for those public officials, who demonstrate gross incompetence and or unrivaled ineptitude?
Why would Uganda not start with prescribing the death penalty for corrupt public officials? How about it, if Uganda prescribes public execution for those public officials who mismanage the economies of these African nations? Why the unfounded fears for gays and lesbians?
Why would these African nations not focus punishing those who mismanage public resources? Why would those African nations who hypocritically pretend to be so “morally” upright and concerned with what sorts and forms and styles of sex, and or sexual habits of the Africa citizens? The majority of the economies of the nations on the African continent are perilously close to implosion.
These African nations have no economic growth, they are in fact close to moribund or nearly comatose and yet  these nations are wasting valuable time on debates about gays and lesbians, when in fact, there are many pressing and very desperate situations of hardships and sufferings on the African continent.
Why are sexual pleasures suddenly so important in African politics anyway? Why is the debate and brouhaha about gays and lesbians beclouding the urgent, extremely urgent needful work of economic, social and political development in many African nations? Why is democracy, the rule of law, due process, constitutionalism and all elements of continental advancement
relegated to the back burners?  Why are the frivolities and sexual pleasures, heterosexual, homosexual or gay and lesbian sexual pleasures now front and center, and substitutes for political and economic reforms which are sorely lacking on the continent?



the questions go on and on and on. Why, why, why, why Africa?

I also ask the questions. I can hazard the answers. Why is humanity so obsessed with frivolities instead of the major issues affecting them? Mainly, it is a problem with leadership.

It is tough to lead. So, a leader, any leader, anywhere, finds it easier to distract people with things that don’t matter. Because they keep the minds of the Mob off the really important things.

Remember the Games and the Roman Empire.

Why, why, why, why Oh Africa?



Lindsay said...

Yea. Why.

Jean-Paul, Canada said...

"Remember the Games and the Roman Empire."


These are highly pertinent questions, especially the 'clean water' issue.

Still, let's not forget that just as providing gladiators for Roman arenas was nothing short of a lucrative industry, the American ex-gay ministry industry will continue to exploit African nations as well as any other nation who deprives its population of an enlightened 21st century education.

Now that Martin Ssempa has been stripped of his honorary doctorate degree and is out on the proverbial limb all by himself, there's a lesson there somewhere, and it doesn't take a 100-watt bulb to figure it out.

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