Monday, March 1, 2010

The Big Story

Certainly for me, this will be the big story of Monday

Church petitions against anti-gay bill
WHEN:  Monday 1 March, 11am
WHERE: National Theatre, KampalaWHAT: Press conference with church leaders, human rights activists and prominent AIDS service providers following a meeting with the Speaker of Parliament to petition against the Anti-Homosexuality Bill
CONTACT: Canon Gideon Byamugisha +256 (0)782 869 102,  or via Juliet on +256 (0)712 949 041
Church leaders, human rights activists and AIDS service providers will meet with the Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament,  Rt. Hon. Edward Ssekandi Kiwanuka in Kampala on Monday to petition against the Anti-Homosexuality Bill that would imprison and execute gay Ugandans and impose fines and jail sentences on family members and confidents.
Canon Gideon Byamugisha, an ordained priest who is part of the delegation says: "This bill is not about preserving Ugandan culture and traditions. On the contrary it is violating our cultures, traditions and religious values that teach against intolerance, injustice, hatred and violence."
"We need laws to protect people, not ones that will humiliate, ridicule, persecute and kill them. In the interests of safer, healthier, more peaceful, and more productive lives for all Ugandans, we are requesting that the bill be withdrawn."
The delegation will deliver a letter addressed to Parliamentarians from concerned Ugandans. They will also deliver a solidarity petition signed by nearly half a million people from every country in the world.
I think what will be most interesting is who is exactly at that march. Keep your eyes pealed.



Karen said...

I look forward to hearing what happens. May this be mark a change for the better.

Karen said...

You would think I would know to proof before posting-- make that "May this mark a change for the better."

Jean-Paul, Canada said...

Isn't there an island somewhere in Lake Bunyonyi where Ssempa, Bahati and company could build their Utopia without harming anyone?

And I hope all the American Talibangelists now have a clearer idea of the kind of society their hatred would create, will cringe from it, and will reconsider their interpretations of a word or two in those old writings from the Middle-East.


gayuganda said...

Karen, dont mind the typos. I certainly dont.

Maybe I should mind them a bit more.

Jean-Paul, I have never been to Lake Bunyonyi, but from the pics I have seen of the place it is one of the most beautiful places on earth. I would certainly not want to polute that paradise with the hate and fear and ignorance coming from Bahati and Ssempa. Certainly not.

Nick Jewitt said...

Wow I wish I could be there. Apart from my obvious interest in the subject matter, I miss the National Theatre in Kampala!

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