Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Some mail

I do get lots of mail.

Some, I send it to myself. Just because I feel like, err, getting mail. I just want to torture myself, if you know what I mean.

Now, this one dropped into my e-box 7 hours ago. Time check now is 20:44
I am James, from Mbale, i read about you in the Observer of monday and wanted to contact you about that bussiness, can you help me join you i am desparete, i don't have a job and need money, do you premise me some thing? please call me on XXXXXXXXX, i will be greatfull, of course i am hudsome and attractive, let me hope its confidential?, nice time. JAMES
'course, I was in shock when I received that.
what business???
Do you actually believe the Ssempa's that we are gay for the money????
Come on!
Fact is, I do not have any problem with you getting money that way. But, I dont do it myself. And, I do not get people for people like that. Sorry.

Now, it seems that letter, the one that I sent and some called me a precious 'Concerned Citizen' got me some errr, fame.
Here is some who was fascinated by the details

I saw your article in the NV.
Indeed I found your complaint understandable, although I am so sorry for "your sexual orientation"
 Bambi sorry, by the way when did you discover that you are gay??
 Secondly. who facks, Is it you or you are the fackee??
 And what does the fackee do with his penis?? Do you take turns.
 Are you as well aware that you arent in order to write that you are a gay in our laws??
 Or probably you are crying "human rights" You see, I have failed to understand that word. Bambi I am also good at bestiality and I am going to petition govt for my "animal vs human rights"
 After all its my animals. Since people can cut them, then I can also have a right to have sex with them, what do you think??
 Please reply but indeed you need prayer and stop being a white brain in a black man's skin.
With Regards
 Eric L.

Errr, the guy did want lots of detail. I wondered a bit what to do about him, since I do believe that my brain is white, and I do have a black skin, I couldnt figure out what exactly he meant. Maybe he doesnt know that his brain is white? Brains are white, right?
Anyway, me not being such an expert, I referred him to one. Martin Ssempa.

Hi Lutwama,
thanks for all your nice comments.
I am very sure that Pastor Martin Ssempa can actually answer those questions very, very well.
Is nt that nice?
Go ask him. I can give you his email address. And his phone number. Otherwise, thanks!
My Blog, The Gay Uganda Blog;

Oooops. I 'accidentally' gave him the address of the blog. Maybe he will soon be here. Or, he has been. You never know.

Now, this one was really pissed off. Really pissed off. The subject line said it all.
That was the subject line. Capitals, bold, as long as it is. And, the person went on in distress.

Dear Friend,
Thank you for the article about Pastor Sempa showing Porn in Church and other public places.
Actually Sempa committed crimes and if we were living in a just society which upholds human rights and rule of law this man ought have been arrested and charged in court already.
Imagine how do you expose porn to children in a 'worship' place? Any way not withstanding the fact that his church is not a worship centre in a real sense but just a business enterprise desgised as church because it is about cheating unsuspecting worshipers after playing on their psychology.
SEMPA must answer many questions.
1-DO you need to show porn to campaign against the gay lifestyle?
And given that  porn material esp for gays are unavailable and unacceptable on the market due to the criminality law against their circulation, 2-where did he get this porn? This means he knows more about gay stuff and by the way do not be surprised to find out that he is gay himself ,to cover up his orientation he then tries to mask and bring out this anger of self-denial through fighting a losing battle and being ant-gay to the public but inside himself he is boiling with self hate.
I want Maj Gen Kayihura to investigate Sempa and let the pastor lead the police detectives to those suppliers or sellers of porn in Uganda because porn is a poison to society,unacceptable and criminal to posese it or sell it and here we have Sempa who can help us arrest those selling poison to Ugandans.
Please publish this article but hide my email and names for security purposes.
My reply was a laugh, and a request.
ha ha ha ha!!!
I have been asking myself those questions.
Do you mind if I make your note into a post? It would certainly be interesting. I would remove the identifiers.
all the best
I think I have some others, somewhere, somewhere...!

Maybe I will remember. But, food is getting cold. And, that angers my man.

Be well

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spiralx said...

Maybe you should refer "James" to the likes of one 'Georgina' Oundo, though he seems to crawled back under the rock he came from...

As for "Eric" - wow. Ignorant, arrogant AND stupid. What an attractive combination. No wonder he ended up hanging out in the local animal pen.

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