Sunday, March 21, 2010

Something as Simple as Love

We went to bed early.

Yes, it was Saturday night, and cool, and we had not gone out Friday. A little problem with bad budgeting… And this, the middle of the month. We went to bed early.

And I woke up, very early, in his arms. We made love, wildly, as the early morning drizzle descended on Kampala. Went to sleep again, with the sound of rain on the roof, the cool of the morning in the air on our fevered skins.

Woke again, apart from him.
He was still in the bed, so I tugged and pulled until he woke and moved into my hands. I wrapped mine around him till he was fitted well and truly, and there was no distance at all between us. We drifted off into content sleep.

Something as simple as love.
Nothing beats waking up in the arms of the guy who loves you. Not sex. That is a pleasure, true, something to share and glory in, to hum one’s strings and feel sated about. To glory in the physical exertions.
But, sex, for all its beauties, just does not come anywhere near love.

Nothing is like waking up in his arms, feeling him curve into me, and I into him, feeling him responding, even while asleep. Nothing is like to sharing our breaths with him, him and I, knowing the purring contentment of a cat savouring a scratch, the knowledge that, in my world, in my bed, there is the man who loves me, and I love him, and we are in one the others arms. Nothing beats that feeling.

All my inadequacies are like nothing before that.
I know, he is not perfect. Neither am I. We are human beings with little or much to achieve. Our aspirations, our likes and dislikes, our fears, prejudices,- all the things that bring us together and tear us apart. Nothing beats the invisible bonds of love.

Our world is hostile.
I still cannot give him a hug in the open, without risking much less than my life. I know, the rumours have swirled, and, some have gotten back to us. Others have not. The living of life on an edge, risking all- it is all worth it, waking in his arms. Nothing beats that feeling of love, the contentment of being loved, and loving back. Nothing.

Our world is not the one to take content in.
It is volatile, and fragile. It is temporary, a good smelling smoke on wind. Right now it is drizzling, incessant, a wet drip, drip, drip, which may cloud the whole day, and overcast that may make the sun a far, distant visitor, through the day.

Or, the drip may dry, and the sun come out, and the day be hot, despite the rain and drizzle of the morning.

That is what our lives are. A constantly changing kaleidoscope of colours. Some bright, some dull, most average. But, through it all is the weave of love, something above all things. Nothing, literally nothing beats the knowledge of love.

I got out of bed to see whether I could write this. Beats the times that I have to delve into the little and small things of life, learn the latest from those who hate me for strange and interesting reasons, and those who don’t care, and a world of which I am, yet I am not.

True. I also got up to read a poem, look out at the world, and think of all my blessings, which are many, and the curses, which seem to be overwhelming. Strange that I couldn’t let go of the feeling of love that I woke up with and that to make the banner to my day?

Nothing beats love. I am glad I have had the privilege to understand it, to share it, to have someone to share it with.

Nothing beats love.

May I wish you a beautiful day? Wheresoever you are, whosoever you are, whatever you believe, may love be a silver lining to the clouds that you bump in through the day, through the week.

Nothing beats love.



Leonard said...

I´m going to bed now. It´s 26 minutes into Sunday, I just watched a movie in bed with Juan´s time to sleep and I´m so pleased to have read this before I close my see, here in the Western Hemisphere, here in Latin America, here amongst the Maya...nothing beats love.

Abrazos fuerte, thank you gug,
Leonardo Ricardo

Anonymous said...

Ah, it's things like this that give me hope for the world. If such beauty can sprout in the face of adversity, maybe there is a chance for the world after all.

A wonderful day to you.

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