Monday, March 22, 2010

Uganda a Democracy? And un-Christ-like Christians

It is ridiculous that some of these things plain cannot be written about. Maybe as a blogger. Maybe.

It is a matter of fact that the President has asidiously decampaigned himself in the hearts and minds of the Baganda in Uganda. Even a child can tell you that the Baganda are certainly not his favourite tribe. And, they have as assiduously reflected back the dislike.

They are a prized relic of Buganda, the kingdom, which is incidentally 900 good years old. And, of course one would expect as a matter of fact that the Baganda would blame the government. Logical. As logical as believing that the election of a black man to the presidency of the US would energise White Supremacists….

Nice example, isn’t it? I have to camouflage, in a way, the sedition of what I am writing, don’t I? Ridiculous, embarrassing, but, why not speak out on facts as they are, and as they MUST not be articulated?

When the Kasubi tombs were burnt down, my mind boggled when I heard that the President was going there. Gasoline on fire indeed.
He said it was his right. Which of course no one disputed. As president, he also has a right to st*****. But, even I expected violence. Not on the day after the tombs had just been burnt down.

Have you checked out the Monitor pictorial which I put on this blog? It is here. Instructive of what happened.

The President had to be ‘protected’ from his citizens. No wonder 3 were killed. And others injured. By live fire from the Presidential guard into a crowd that was seething at the sacrilege he was committing.

Now, the big news today in Uganda, is one, that the Lukiiko or Parliament of Buganda announced a 7 day mourning period. Starting today. And, Buganda loyalists are marching to the place, putting on the traditional mourning attire.

And, the President yesterday gave a long speech about the fire, incensed that there were rumours that incensed him. For that reason, the media is being carefully monitored. And, anyone caught ‘spreading’ that rumour will be apt to be punished.

By the way, the New Vision paper has a front page story about the media being monitored. Seems as if that story didn’t find its way into the online edition… But, we do expect a little thought on behalf of some people, don’t we?

Have we lost our senses?

No. Of course we haven’t. It is only that logic has taken a back seat, and the illogic of forcing the will of the govt (or, one man) on the populace is what matters. Only that.
And, even those who would caution that, Mr. President, you are respectfully going about this the wrong way… they dare not say anything. Remember Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’?

And, of course this post is sacrilege! It is seditious. It speaks the unburnished truth, which should not be said out aloud. I am playing the child.
But, I have been to town, and have seen the tense city, with citizens of Kampala cautious. Even the mighty government is not going to stop the mourning period that the Baganda have mandated. No. That would be too much!

But, I expect security operatives everywhere. The kind that held guns to the crowd at Kasubi the last time. And, at Old Kampala Police Post, the riot police is on standby…. Will they dare tear gas the Baganda?

Don’t we have a modicum of logic in our grey cells? [shake of the head]

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Who ever said that?

Now, why do I write things which are definitely anathema? The courage of a banner man…!

 Did Jesus ever seat to eat with sinners? Did he? Or, didn’t he?

Remember that I talked about some Malawian pastors chasing away gay sinners from their meditations? They would have disrupted the proceedings. The vibes that they had were going to be bad for the meditations. So, they chased them away.

Here, we have an account of what happened. From the point of view of the gay people who were not allowed to eat with the saints of the church. They were suspected of ‘spreading homosexuality’!

Source: Pana
Three gay Christians, who were invited to attend a consultative meeting on contemporary issues - including homosexuality - organised by the Malawi Council of Churches (MCC), have spoken of their horror at being bad-mouthed by pastors and hounded out of the meeting.
"It was a horrible experience," recalled Victor Mukasa, a Ugandan gay activist also known as "Juliet". "I am saddened that they regarded me as an enemy."
Mukasa, an Ugandan gay rights activist, said he expected pastors as men of God to receive him with compassion and understanding but he was disappointed at the church leaders' violent reaction to their presence.
"They literally chased us from the conference despite being invited," he said.
A Zambia openly gay Christian Chivuli Ukwimi and a South African gay pastor, the Reverend Pieter Oberholzer, were also invited to the meeting and were equally hounded away.
Ukwimi described the homophobic pastors as the latter- day "Pharisees" capable of ostracising Jesus for associating with outcasts.MCC, a grouping of protestant churches in Malawi, organised the meeting in the southern resort town of Mangochi "to understand contemporary issues like homosexuality and come up with a common stand as churches," according to MCC Chairman Bishop Joseph Bvumbwe.
But despite being invited, the presence of the three openly gay Christians reviled most of the assembled pastors, with some of them dubbing them "sinners and demons".
Others were, however, more accommodating, pleading with the militant ones to allow the gay guests to state their case for the church leaders to understand homosexuality.
But the majority thought the trio wee persona non grata to the symposium and elected to expel them.
A visibly shattered Ukwimi described the homophobic pastors as the latter- day "Pharisees" capable of ostracising Jesus for associating with outcasts.
"It's sad," he said. Oberholzer said he was born gay and nothing - including shock therapy - could disabuse him of his sexual orientation. He said it was alarming for his life to be compared to prostitution.


Poor Christians!

I am glad that I am not a Christian. But, I will join my hands to Desmond Tutu’s. Hope you have read that speech which IS redeeming of even these un-Christ-like behaviour of Christians.

Hey, we are gay. The modern day Samaritans. Outcasts, sinners, what do we expect from the princes of the church? Hey, icearc?

Have a great day.



unused said...

Jesus came more for the samaritans, the gentiles than he did for the pharisee........for the obvious reason, the pharisee seeks no help, and does not welcome reproach/rebuke!

Anonymous said...

Any parallels ?

gayuganda said...


Seems the Pharisees kind of dominate the church. No wonder non-believers like me take a look at the church and the gospels and wonder who is who and where!


I dont really think so. I dont think the govt would want the kind of fervour that they are whipping up against themselves.

But again, who is to understand what logic is playing out here?

It is like the govt is determined to show force, a force which the group in question is ignoring, and quietly daring them to do their best.

Its just so unconfortable that logic is being put aside for ego....

unused said...

Seems the Pharisees kind of dominate the church. No wonder non-believers like me take a look at the church and the gospels and wonder who is who and where!
The Pharisees will always dominate the church, mosque etc with a few exceptions. Which is to be expected, anytime you have a group of fellows reading scripture and creating a doctrine, somewhere along the way the doctrine becomes more important than the source(scripture). It's for that reason, Jesus's message was clear, simple and an exercise in brevity and summary. His was to say you need a,b,c to get salvation, doctrine will say you need a,b,c......up to z for salvation or you need precursors 1,2,3 before you can do a,b,c to get salvation. It's precisely doctrine/law that Jesus came to set us free from, but the pharisees will never accept this, cause they're the basis of their authority!

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