Monday, March 8, 2010

Women’s Day

Uganda is the only country in the world that has a public holiday for women. Kind of funny. It was good political PR when it came. M7 wanted the support of this bloc, and he did get it. But, I am sure that is kind of wearing thin.

But, I am no political analyst.

Congratulations to the Women of Uganda. Happy Women’s Day.

Yesterday I had this horrible experience of fear of gay people. A singer who was singing anti-gay lyrics. But, I have promised not to release that post until I confirm what happened.

Oh yes, I will.

The petition did receive lots of coverage all over the world. You know, the petition with 450,000 signatures.

Inside the country, Canon Gideon says they generated a buzz. Which is great.
And, backlash. Some people believe good, gorgeous chuchmen like the Canon should not involve themselves in anything homosexual.

I believe they are planning a Church service to teach fellow Ugandans about love. This coming Saturday.

Seems as if there is a competition going on. Love versus hate. Ssempa says he was last week on Friday at Mbarara. Took there his anti-gay crusade.
[Snicker], Museveni might find that the good pastor is actually doing a campaign for the presidency under the guise of anti-Homosexuality promotion. Now, that would be a shot into where it really hurts. But, he might find himself arrested for showing gay porn. Inside and outside church!!!!

Hate of gay people is illogical. Un-explainable.
In the matter of making sure that ‘gay marriage’ does not happen in England, logic is thrown aside in favour of illogic. I believe one of the greatest weapons that we have against people who hate us with this gut level instinct is the fact that even themselves cannot explain why they do it. Is there anything like a genetic basis for homophobia? Would be an interesting premise. I think I have read somewhere something to that. Interesting.

They oppose anything ‘gay’, and that takes them to some ludicrous levels. Like showing gay porn in church, in the name of the anti-gay cause of course.

Sam Ganafa talks about being gay and out in Uganda. Or, being forcibly outed as it is. By the likes of the red rug. He has this to say to gay Ugandans. Stay in the closet. For your sake. 

Its always tough to talk to people who justify hate with Scripture. Of any kind. The bible says, and so I must be right. Right?
Is it true that what makes us gay also makes us susceptible to religion? I think it is so. Too many guys I have been to bed with seem to take that as something of a matter of fact. They are deeply religious in homophobic Uganda. So, how do they square their reading of ‘scriptures’ and their sexuality? that is a personal struggle that will continue for long. Very long.
At least this gay guy has the reading of scripture to support himself

As for me and religion? Huh, don’t take me there. I have a very succinct reply, which I of course don’t advise you to embrace. It is dangerous to do that.

Here is the reply, if you are interested.

Fuck Religion.

So, be well. Be good.

And, Happy International Women’s Day. I forgot to note that the day is International. But, only Uganda celebrates it with a Public Holiday



spiralx said...

Apparently "it's official" - men are the weaker sex. Given their inferiority, it's no wonder they suffer from Napoloen complex - the need to dominate because of a sense of their lesser stature.

So straight men lord it over women; and they also lord it over gay men; in fact, given them enough rope, they will hang themselves on whatever fantastic excuse for self-promotion they can justify to themselves.

Testosterone-poisoning is at least partly to blame. But therein, I think lies the answer to misogyny; homophobia; and that belligerent dominating aggressiveness that makes the Male Rampant a danger to everyone, including themselves.

And yes, I, a male, am happy to say all that. I will add, though, that the Female Rampant is just as undesirable, for different reasons.

But homophobia? Fear. Insecurity. Every time.

Terence Weldon said...

South Africa has had a Women's Day Public Holiday since the start ot the new democratic constitution in 1994: National Women's day, Aug 9th. This commemorates especially the important part that women played in the struggle for democracy.

Anonymous said...

Women's day is an internationally celebrated day; for over 100 years. I would prefer you get your facts right sometimes.

spiralx said...

It may be "internationally celebrated" - but very few countries recognise it as a public holiday. Which is what gug said.

I don't know that any news agency even mentioned it yesterday. I couldn't even get on their official website. Pretty obscure, then.

Getting facts right? Hah. Pot. Kettle. Black.

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