Saturday, March 20, 2010

Assault at Kasubi

I do NOT like the ill-logic of politics.

And, it is true that if I ever go into politics (as Ugandan's first openly gay politician- that position is still up for grabs, ha ha ha!)- If I ever do, then I will most certainly turn out into the country's worst politician.
Ahem, that position was taken by Idi Amin Dada.

I have been introduced to America's cultural wars, and they also leave a very bad taste in my mouth. For the same reason.

Illogical, and not amenable to logic. Faith and belief are elevated to deities, and worshipped by high priests who make sure that anyone must pass the litmus test. And, if you dont, why, you are the devil. They have coloured and spoilt religion. And, that is something that is almost impossible to do....! Spoil it any further, that is.

Take this article. It is almost amusing in its bitterness to one side and the other. It is war. I have never understood the ruthlessness of war. That is even when I am a Ugandan, living a rough and tumble kind of life, survival of the fittest. But, I cannot understand the worship at the shrine of illogic, debasing one's very own intellect. Intellectual dishonesty, in the name of a god and a belief.

Leave me alone. That is my cry.

Of course, none will hear it. So, I have to choose sides.

Bite me. Sometimes I do eat with the enemy. To hell with your ideologies. They choke the life out of me. And, they are yours. Not mine! Here is the article again.

In the same vein, Catholics move mountains to have their right to discriminate affirmed. Whether it is in adoption of children, to just looking after the homeless in Washington. And, one General. A General, squarely blames gays for the Srebrenica massacres. The wimp gays couldnt fight, of course. Uhhhhhh. The general needs a refresher course in history. Maybe Greek military history?

Again and again, the theme is the same. Logic out of the window, belief, faith, and a dog headed belief that they MUST be right. Because they believe. Faith moves mountains? Mountains of credulity. Mountains of knowledge.

Sadly, we are all human beings. So, we are found with the chilling need to pass over our talking points again and again. Because we are human.

But, there are times that are very, very sweet. When ill-logic is exposed in all its glory. Like this one where someone took on some crude homophobic Ugandans. I must say I am amazed at the likes of how we Ugandans are willing to expose our stupidity. Ahem, ahem, there is that word again. But, what word to use when none, absolutely none is this expressful of what is happening? Check out this blog post.

In these wars of ideologies, someone tries to take a balanced look at celibacy and the Catholic church's penchant for sex picadidoes... Me, a healthily, sexually active male, the point of view is laughable. But, these guys decide to deceive themselves, and I must respect them.

So, I do. Doesnt stop me from reading fascinating theoretical fancies like this one, and wonder what it is like to be that celibate!

Amazing. The Americans are throwing money at us. Of course, even when we are prone to thumb them in the face with our 'sovereignty'. Maybe that is only in the course of killing our homosexuals. More monies.

A learned friend draws a learned paper about Uganda's 'Absolute Prohibition of Same Sex Marriage' in the constitution. I have read the article, but, to tell you that I understand exactly what it means....!

Go ahead, check it out.

Remember when I told you that homophobia is informed by ignorance? And, it is informed by a deep desire not to know what they hate. That they hate what they hate is enough.

In Malawi, the Churches were meeting. And, some gay activists were there to talk to them. So help me the deities, you know what happened. They were chased away by irate pastors. How dare they be informed by none other than gays themselves about something that they already know from the Scriptures which never ever change?

a three-day MCC National Heads of churches homosexuality consultation held reentry where angry pastors chased away three Christian gay activists who were supposed to share testimonies.
Victor Mukasa also known as Juliet, a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) activist from Uganda, Chivuli Ukwimi, a Zambian gay and Rev Pieter Oberholzer, an ordained South African minister left the country Wednesday last week.
I inspired a blog post. Or is it a painting? But, I am at a loss to say what exactly I did which inspired what.... You get my take?

But, forget that. Buturo was muzzled. No more utterances about the evil gays. No mentions.

But, the gentleman is doing mayhem elsewhere. Like in trying to make sure that the press always does the will of the government. Like not publishing the pictorial of the Assault at Kasubi...!

So, in the interests of the press, which is 'still young and doesnt understand nationalism', the government is introducing a new media bill. The slow creep of dictatorship in Uganda. It is surely upon us. And, the press in Uganda is not amused. Not at all.

And, why should they?

I noticed that my reaction to the belittling of some 'elders' like Buturo is to throw it in their face. Apparently, all the rest of us are too young to know what we are doing. So, he deals in witch craft and then goes ahead and says, we youngsters are bringing down the country's morals.

gug being gug responds with ire. I just dont like being told how to think. Especially by guys who think the right to logic is in their grey hairs, of a particular skin colour or a particular ethnic group....

So, what do I call this post?

Something off, like the Assault at Kasubi, though it is nothing of the sort....

Just because I can?



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