Friday, March 5, 2010

GayUganda is feeling Cheeky. More than usual, that is...!

We all are human beings. Unique.

Just caught the last of a trail of thought. We all are unique. Even the most gifted of us have closet we don’t want disturbed. The most open have closed corners where none else is permitted.

Bududa, the area on Mt. Elgon that had the landslide that killed lots of people. It depresses me. The pics are from New Vision.

I console myself that, what can I do about it?

Little. True.
And, I have to acknowledge that, though impressive, and huge, the disaster area, when I look at the slums and hovels of the people of Kampala. When, I look at the children begging on the streets…
Do we have to go there?

Maybe, I shouldn’t touch that faint guilty train of thought. There is always something in my neighbourhood which deserves my attention. Which I am too tired, or too busy, or too otherwise occupied to apply my attention to.
[shrug]. Afterall, I am human. Even though I am a gay evil one, in some person’s expectations!

Have figured out a way of having my task lists displayed to my satisfaction. Kind of a bore. Am one of those who like organised disorganisation, and neat task lists don’t do it for me. So, maybe this way may be better. My solution? Hardly innovative. Imagine what a teenager does to his socks in his room…. Or, Lukyamuzi’s phone contacts scrawled on his walls. Hardly innovative. But, it works for me!

Now, Afrogay went and did this brilliant analysis of the Goliath vs David of the proxy gay anti-gay wars that are happening in Uganda.
I always bemoan the fact that, we kuchus  are shallow, disorganised, always fighting each other, not even uniting in face of this horrendous Bahati bill.
Our detractors point to the blog and say, a huge ‘disinformation’ machine. They point to poor SMUG and say, the agents of ‘recruitment’. But, in actual fact we are nothing more like irritating fleas that are playing on a mammoth. What can we do?

For ourselves?
We are too weak. But, those who believe we must be strong so that they kill us with ‘nuclear’ weapons go ahead to magnify our capacities.

For me, I will tell you that, I have just discarded my ‘bichupuli’ Nokia which had given me so many problems that I had to throw it away. Don’t laugh at me. We buy counterfeits because we don’t have the money for the originals. And, we forget that when we do that, we are actually using our hard earned money to buy far more expensive things. Sigh, indeed, poverty is the most expensive thing on earth. I was hoping that this year, Nsaba Buturo's 20 Million USD would rescue me, but the account still registers empty. I have even stopped dreaming of all I would do with all that money.
Afrogay’s analysis was so good, the Behind the Mask people thought they should get a taste of it. It is goooooood!
Talking of analyses, here is one that I usually take a glance at. Seems this guy has matured, a bit. But, not much… Hey, that is my arrogant self.
The site is here.And, let me pick and choose some of the testaments on it. 
Kizito Michael George Library A Discernment and Apostasy watch site for African Saints. Signs of the Time: Landslides kill hundreds in Uganda : Tough questions for Pastor Martin Sempa and Pat Robertson
 Hey, I am not a Christian.
So, sometimes I do poke fingers into people’s eyes…. Because it is fun. But, that saint is putting Martin Ssempa under the microscope. Interesting results….!

Hey, Martin Ssempa Twitts!!!
Yes he does. Under the name martinssempa. Do you want some excellent quotes? Of course you do, don’t you? Here.
More than 100 Ugandans dead from landlides due to rains. We desparately need help with just the basics. I wonder if Hilay Clinton will call?
Redneck bloggers suprised that an African has a PhD! Wow! Check out my post at Be the first to know!
So many journalist wanting to talk to me..Brazil, France, Netherlands. What is so newsy about teaching that marriage is Man to Woman? Ha ha
So why are they wanting to keep the strait eyes from knowing WHAT the queer guys really do? Are they afraid of the truth?
2:41 AM Feb 23rd via web
So why are they wanting to keep the strait eyes from knowing WHAT the queer guys really do? Are they afraid of the truth?
2:56 AM Feb 22nd via web

Oh yes, he did retweet that one. For emphasis. The Martin Ssempa Gay Porn Show is a sell out. I know that, because seems as if everyone is planning to attend the next one. Problem is, where is it going to be? Parliament?

Someone did interview me. I was feeling in a good mood. So, I will link to my naughty answers. Here. 

And, no. This is an action that I would not support. Sincerely, when the PEPFAR funds were threatened, I looked at it and thought, No, thanks. 200,000 Ugandans who are HIV positive depend on PEPFAR and Global forum to stay alive. And, we have at least 1million of us who are HIV positive. I would not touch their life line in my fight to stay alive. I am simply not that ruthless. Let us put it down to the fact that I am kind of putting down my foot. The end will not justify the means.

My people are poor. Dirt poor farmers. This was hinted about in this article. And, a boycott is being called for?  No, brothers, sisters. There is something like fighting too dirty a war. Please, don’t.

Being in a super good mood, I went over to Martin Ssempa’s blog and left a message. No, nothing bad. Just being a good Christian and directing him to a very Christian article. [Hey, I am NOT Christian]. But, I was doing a Christian service. Here is my comment.
Hi Martin,
you doing fine?
It is cheeky old gayuganda here. I have been on the Throckmorton blog and couldnt not see this article.
It is great reading. Right up your chute... err, alley, if you know what I mean!
Come on, go ahead and read it. If you dare.
The contact is this, just click on it.
Warning. There is no gay porn shown on it.

Now, with that, why don’t I sign out? No, Martin does control the comments on his blog. So, the blog told me that ‘Your Comment will be Visible after approval’

Odd, for such a popular blog, there were no comments. Maybe he hasn’t gotten around to doing the approval thing?

Be well, chipper, and full of beans, like I am. [i swear i dont know what that expression means...!)



Tamaku said...

Loving it. You do a super job in extraordinary circumstances...

Jean-Paul, Canada said...

"What I know is that the current fracas about my sexuality is a simple red herring that the government is using to distract attention from some very massive corruption and abuse of power. It is certainly not all about us. We are the distraction – a minority which cannot even point out the glaring stupidities and misinformation that is being touted about us."

Do you mean that the government is using Ssempa to distract the media???

Gasp! I never thought of that!!!

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