Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ssempa and others like him.

You did hear about Uganda’s association of Social Workers coming out to support the bill? They had a very extensive statement. Here. And now, the International Federation of Social Workers has come out with a mild statement of disapproval. It was abuse of their office, of their powers. Apparently, the current chair is almost as rabidly phobic as Ssempa. (Can anyone be like him?) Here is the statement from the International Federation.  So, why did the Uganda federation sign that thing? I would like to know why, but, will I ever know? A matter of internal politics? The rambling sounded like someone like Steven Langa on his hobby horse. But….! Exodus International seems to be falling over its self to reject endorsements of the bill. Don’t know why, but, anybody hazard a guess? [grin]. I am allowed a bit of levity, arent I?

Warren Throckmorton takes on Martin Ssempa. 

Poor Martin. Really poor, bedeviled Martin Ssempa. He is a lie who knows no bounds, when he starts on his lying jig.

Now, you do know that he lies, because I have been hitting out on that again and again. Well, an academician takes on the lies, dissects, scrutinizes and generally takes them apart.
However, Ssempa’s discussion of the 2007 law which included boys in the defilement section of the penal code was confusing. He said to me in November, 2009 on British radio that Ugandan law did not cover boys, when in fact it did at the time he made that statement. On Brown’s show, he did not apologize for misleading people for months, but rather made it seem as though the law was just recently altered to cover boys.
He added that the Anti-Homosexuality Bill may need to be changed to make it clear that it only intends to punish rape and child abuse. However, then he said critics had misrepresented the bill. Just when I thought he was acknowledging that the bill was written in such a way that anyone reading it would see the harshness of it, he then said the bill was being misrepresented.
Regarding Ssempa’s reasons for the bill, I must say that the bill does more than prevent ratification of resolutions, and curtail free speech. Ssempa denied during the show that he wanted the law to bother consenting adults, however, consenting behavior is also criminalized by this bill. Ssempa denied wanting to fuel flames of a witch hunt against gays. However, he has collaborated with Islamic clerics who offered to form squads to round up homosexuals. No words of discouragement to this activity from Ssempa are recorded anywhere.

Why does Ssempa lie?

I do not know.

Why does he really lie? There are many reasons why he shouldn’t, especially when he is going to be caught out. When he lies in Uganda, it is easy for him. Few people believe me, a self confessed homosexual, when I point out his lies. Afterall, he is a pastor. So, how can they believe me over him?

But, when it comes to the international scene, which he has decided to mount and flount his undergarments, he lies. Consistently, constantly. It is funny when he accuses others of lying, or ‘misrepresenting the Bahati Bill. Why does he lie?

I do not know.

What I know is that of the one thing that I can count on is the fact that he is going to use all the force of his charisma to tell a lie when he knows that it is a lie. Period.

Now, I do have to go.

Be well.


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Jean-Paul, Canada said...

Well, if you don't know why Ssempa lies, the how should I know?

But I do believe we are no longer dealing with a "PhD"!!!!! of any kind. Poor man, indeed.

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