Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cutting off the Nose

to spite the face...


say what you will, but Kizito Michael George's collection of headlines is kind of striking. This one- WHEN CHRISTIANS BECOME A SOURCE OF RIDICULE
It kind of reminded me of a few things. Especially when I read this article.
When the District of Columbia in the USA announced that it intended to legalise gay marriage, the Catholic Church immediately said that it would withdraw all its welfare services in protest. The Church obviously expected the legislature of DC to capitulate to this blatant blackmail. But it didn’t work, and gay marriage was legalised on Wednesday this week.

On Tuesday, however, Catholic Charities — which provides a large proportion of DC’s “faith-based welfare” — decided to modify its personnel policies, ending health benefits to the spouses of those it employs. Although the memo from Catholic Charities’ president announcing the new policy doesn’t mention gay marriage, he says it has been brought about because of a “change in law.”
“We sincerely regret that we have to make this change… but it is necessary to allow Catholic Charities to continue to provide essential services to the clients we serve in partnership with the District of Columbia while remaining consistent with the tenets of our religious faith,” read the memo. Because Catholic Charities cannot legally discriminate against gay married couples, it has decided that, rather than treat everyone fairly, it will treat everyone unfairly.
Marianne Duddy-Burke, executive director of DignityUSA, a group for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Catholics, called the Catholic Charities’ decision “appalling.”
“It’s a two-tier system among its workers,” Ms. Duddy-Burke said. “It violates every principle of the dignity of work and justice for workers that the Catholic Church has stood for for years and it makes employees of Catholic Charities a sacrificial lamb to prove a political point.” She said the choice to cut spousal benefits in these economic times imposes a burden on new Catholic Charities’ employees. She said this would cause “more damage to their families than a same-sex marriage”.
D.C. Council member Phil Mendelson said the Catholic Charities choice struck him “as unnecessary, given that other archdioceses have been able to continue to provide benefits.

Now, now, now. I know Politics is a really dirty game. When politics is played in the name of religion,... It is an absolute disaster. Ask pastor Ssempa Martin.

But, I am absolutely not going to lose the chance to crow. At the top of my voice.

Catholic Church? Baahhhhhh!!!!!  HYPOCRITES 


Leonard said...

I know, I know...did you hear the news about the Homosexual scandal amongst Vatican´s another example of the deadly games of denial and pretend (actually goes beyond denial and pretend of the Pope and borders on acute spiritual sickness) at Rome and beyond while many of the management jockey for red hats.

And if you think that conniving bigmouth/thief Henry Orombi is better, well, you´d be wrong...the poaching guy has been DENIED a U.S. Supreme Court appeal...throw the bum out!

unused said...

It's interesting to note that the Vatican is rather more liberal on gays than the African Anglican churches........oh except the hold out in S.Africa.
For the Vatican, they're in rather a pickle, quite a few of their clergy are gay and have taken the vow of chastity to remain celibate. Many of the well publicised scandals in the church have come from hebephiles.
Theirs is a complex dogma,being homosexual is not inherently evil, but engaging in the act is considered so inherently sinful that even demons can't stand the individuals(their words, not mine!). Their practice has been to counsel gays to remain lifelong celibate.

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