Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gay in Africa.


I have tried to keep away from the blog. I just cannot. Seems I will have to do a sort of review.

So, here it is. I am just sating my thirst, so bear with me.

Senegal has become a hot bed of homophobia. It is troubling to open this kind of can of worms and look to the future that homophobes are dragging Uganda towards. Have a look and see. Here is the article. 

Uganda- now, this article in the Independent seeks to say things without really saying them. Apparently, us gay Ugandans, and the powerful gay lobby are stronger than the perennially outplayed opposition in Uganda. Or, is that what the article says? Read it, and try to figure it out for yourself.

Here is a the harrowing story of one gay African.

Some time in August 1995, as was related to me, Mark died. I was told that in the circumstances surrounding his death he had attended a party on the West Bank of Demerara and while on his way home after the party, he was set upon by a group of young men and beaten, all the while accused of being an "anti-man," ostensibly because of how he was dressed. According to the report, with a broken arm sustained in the attack, he dragged himself to a nearby police station for assistance and instead of receiving help, he was placed in a cell, beaten again, suffered a concussion, and when he lapsed into unconsciousness, he was transported to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where he later died – alone, abused, battered and probably wondering why he deserved this treatment. Who should be held responsible for his death? The misguided who are blinded by their beliefs to forget that the person they are attacking is another human being, someone who could be their brother, son, cousin, nephew, uncle, or close friend; by extension, the religious organizations that demonize homosexuality and advocate curing by any means, but who are just as guilty of the same offences they ascribe to gays and lesbians; or the stepfather who put him out of the house?

Is it powerful because the story is true? Is it gripping because it is told from experience? Personally, I am touched. And, in the same breath, I would like to shake the likes of Bahati the dupe by the nose. How can you fail to see the hate that you are stirring up, all in the name of love, religion? Are you that blind?

Read the whole letter. Maybe you will understand something.

Maybe, to do it justice, I will write a story about it. I will call it, "A Perverted Sense of Love." I will dedicate it to three of my country mates; David Bahati, Nsaba Buturo, and Steven Langa.

I wanted to include Ssempa, then I remembered my belief that Ssempa hates. And, he does know that he hates.

Foreign Policy does an article on the Gay Rights Battlegrounds of the world. 

It saddens me. I have been dragged into this fight simply because of what I am. I am glad of the anger that carries me through the deserts, storms, and other things. I hope by the end of it all, I can still see myself as a human being.

And, I do pray for death to my enemies. Because, in their ignorance, hate, they don't want anything less for me.

No, hate of gay people, whether clothed in religion, tradition, or anything else, hate is still hate.

Being gay brings out the best and worst in us. For those of us who don't fall prey to the vagaries of hate, we can fly high. But, we survive with injuries that are almost impossible to ignore. We are survivors, but, at what a cost

Now, to give a silver lining to the cloud, here is a beautiful story. Being Gay in Uganda. Pepe Onziema's story. 

It puts a smile on my face. Makes me hunger for my man, too. Let me give him a call…!

He says he remembers me. [Sniff].

Currently, he is into the new fard. Activism. Before, he used to complain of the time I spent on my blog. Now, I complain of the time that he spends doing things out of the house. Activism, he says…..


Maybe he is cheating on me.?????!!!!!!!

I mean, the world is talking about Carla Bruni and Sarkozy. Both having affaires. Afterall, they are French. I have to remember, we are African men!

And that means I do have to sign off. I have a man to chase!




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