Monday, March 8, 2010

New Threats, in Mombasa, Kenya


The Government in Kenya is Reluctant to Protect Citizens of Kenya, because they are gay.

Those who are not gay can issue threats on the Radio Stations with impunity. And promise and then carry out Genocide or Ethnic Cleansing with impunity. Now, they say that the next attacks will be more brutal. And, they will happen after Friday Prayers on 12 Mar. 2010

Now, we all know. What will the Government of Kenya for its citizens who are gay and persecuted for that reason? Read this heartrending letter of appeal.


Hello All,

A fresh Threat to Gay People in Mombasa has been issued, a statement read to local journalists after the evening Prayers last Friday reads in Part... "Homosexuals are not human beings and should be treated as such..... The KEMRI-UW research centre has been given 7 Days to close or we shall attack it on Friday next week (This week)"
this statement was broadcast by Baraka FM a local religious station on Friday at 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm news bulletin other local stations also reported on the story. Considering that this is how it started last time, if you remember we raised an alarm a day earlier and the attacks happened the following day, I advise that we take precaution and consider informing all our contacts in Mombasa about the Lurking Danger.

We would like to thank all the people who came to our rescue last Time. The

Kenya human rights commission, PEMA Kenya, GALC and all those who selflessly

hosted our brothers and continue doing so, we need all your support now than ever before, because there is negative talk that the Muslims in Mtwapa want to make an example of someone, they are vowing not to take anyone to the police this time. Keep us in your hearts and as earlier requested, anyone who can assist especially in the area of reaching out to the Muslim community or the security apparatus  will be highly appreciated.
Thank you all.


this letter dropped into my e-box. It breaks my heart.


And, I hear rumours that the Moslems in Uganda also are in a mood to emulate their brothers across the border.



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