Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Post Petition


The Petition was delivered yesterday. And, the world duly took note of it. [seems as if, everywhere I look, it is that as news!, except for the New Vision of course. It is a newspaper which reports NOT news.] I am even receiving propositions of love, for Frank Mugisha, not me... shame.

Do you realise what was so different about this one? No, there were no placards denouncing Obama and various western heads of state for daring to stand in the way of Ugandans executing their fellow Ugandans because they were gay. Of course there was no post petition porn show in the press conference. Usually, there have been, many. And there was nothing of the hullabaloo of the Ssempa driven shows. Gosh, that former breakdancer is very entertaining.

But, what was lost in that was made up in substance. And, the people who did the delivery.

I was a mite disappointed. Actions speak much more powerfully than words. A prince of the Church was supposed to be in the delegation. A no show. Dont know why. Maybe the signature is there in the petition. Would have been interesting!!! Eh, bite me, I do love controversy like any other man. But, as noted, the guts to stand up for us is a real brave act. Not in Uganda. Not for gay Ugandans.

Martin Ssempa has a blog. It is a little know fact. Of course I am not advertising it....

Ha, ha ha ha!

I am advertising it. There is no greater enemy of Martin Ssempa than Martin Ssempa. Sometime ago I did wonder what the gods did with his share of brains and logic. But, I reluctantly remembered how far he has come.

Check out here, where the people at Pam's House blend reluctantly point to the blog. [Gosh, the guy is way out there. I am going to get to his blog, just give me a second!]
This dude, who is ranting some racist stuff, is actually married to a white woman. Sorry Mrs. Ssempa for bringing you into this. Yes, he is married to a white woman, and nicely plays the racism card, like all the others he plays. Without a hint of logic. Wow!

Comments are moderated at Ssempa's blog. Hey, if you write and lash out at him, he will not post it. But, he will go ahead and accumulate it, and then let it out for the world to see how bad we homosexuals are.

But, at this particular moment, most of the amazing stuff is in the posts. None fights this fight like Ssempa, of the Porn Show Fame. Nothing.
He defends the porn show. Yes, he does. And, gives more of the same, seems like he has such an apetite for it...!
Now, I do love this. But, let me point out to some inconsistencies and lies. Yes, LIES that the guy does spout.

I thank you for discussing my blog and the news that I am available online. It turns out we have just got connected to fiberoptic internet..for the first time in History ..and the good news is that we can now talk.

  • Now, I have been blogging since when? I am sure that dear Martin, with more resources than gug has had internet access....! I mean, he intimates that poor us didnt have the internet or something? ha ha ha ha ha!
  • And, for sure, this is no new blog. At this particular moment, I see that his first post was, gasp, on TUESDAY, MAY 15, 2007 at 3:37am. I don’t know what he was doing up at that time. [Hey, use YOUR imagination]. The first title as I see it now is. Confronting the barons of AIDS 
    Ssempa lies. In small things, in huge things. The guy is so amazing with the lie. And, so consistent you would never believe that.
  • The fiber optic cable which has just come to Uganda and has facilitated Ssempa getting in touch with the rest of the world... No. It came some time ago. [I know, my ISP is still reaping the super profits, but, I swear I dont know what to do to force them to decrease the very high prices they charge me for meagre access]. Here is Comrade 27th revving about the speed of the fiber optic cable. Note the date. 09 Sept. 2009
    Ok, the issue is, Ssempa lies. Again. Why does he have to lie so un-necessarily? I dont know. Maybe psychologists can tell us the reason for this desire to tell lies, big and small.
Ha! I could go on and on and on, picking one lie after another out of his words.
What the dude doesnt realise is that the written word is very powerful. Especially with him not going back to, fact check his truths???!!!!! Watch. Watch for more... poor Ssempa!

But, there is more to the content.

Ssempa is pissed about the Petition delivered to parliament yesterday. So, he writes a rant. (Poor 27th is not really amused, are you?). And, you know what Uganda's favourite Gay Porn Freak Show Pastor is complaining about? Here, let me detail some of his interesting observations. And, what I deduce from them.
  • He wants the Canon to be thrown out of parliament. They are a 'Sodomy Gang.'
    Let it befall me to remind you that this is Martin Ssempa. A 'man of god'. Civility just aint his forte. Not this 'representative of Christ' Hey, dont beat me up, his fellow Christians!
    I dont believe it is okay for me to detail the abuse Ssempa, Christian, and man of god heaps on Byamugisha. If I note that I am not a Christian, and Ssempa is a Christian, I am sure that some of you will be really wondering whether I am the one doing the lying. ANAL-Lela indeed!!!!!
  • Need I remind you that the Freak Gay Porn Show will be going to parliament???? Yes, he did promise us that. Long time ago.
  • Curious. He is actually jealousy of Canon Byamugisha's credentials in the fight against HIV. Maybe because they are more solid than those of a certain guy who always blows his trumpet?
    Yes [sigh] Ssempa is an anti-gay HIV activist. That kind of breed only comes to fruit in Uganda.
  • Besides the un-Christlike abuse of another Man of God, (with credentials to prove that, i mean, other than showing gay porn in church...!), He goes ahead with his usual arguments. A few drops of truth, whole dollops of lies, quarter truths, half truths... Does he get to any three quarter truths? I am not so sure.
Hey, let me make a prediction.
According to his record of posts, Ssempa did a post in May 2007 (the only one of the year), two in 2008, none in 2009 (he might have deleted them!).
2010 is a more fruitful year. None in January. 4 in February, and 3 in the first 2 days of March!!!!!

The prediction? Soon, the appetite for blogging will be down. Not with lies exposed, inconsistensies pointed out. No, I am not going to spam him or anything. Ssempa is actually a man who is fighting his own evil inclinations. I will just help him. Now and then...!

Minister of Ethics and Integrity, Nsaba Buturo.
He has been kind of silent, about the bill. (Do you want the text? Ok, ok...!)

But, Gideon Byamugisha brought him out. 
Uganda’s minister of state for ethics and integrity, James Nsaba Buturo has condemned the pro-gays who today presented a petition to Uganda’s speaker of parliament requesting that the anti-gay bill which was tabled by member of parliament David Bahati be withdrawn.
During an interview, Nsaba Buturo said that those who petitioned do not represent the interests of the Ugandan majority. He said they are representing interests of foreign forces.
Today, pro-gays including an Anglican cleric took a petition to parliament requesting the withdrawal of the anti-gay bill saying that if passed into law, it will create disharmony.
"I don’t think they know what is in the bill. They must be ignorant of the bill. They don’t know what they are doing. They are trying to defend what most Ugandans don’t want," the minister said.
He requested those who presented the petition to be patriotic and do what the majority of Ugandans want them to do.
"They should be ashamed of themselves. I advise them to read the bill and understand it. They are using the death penalty to oppose the bill but some of the harsh punishments might be dropped during the debate on the bill."


Obviously I do agree with the Rt. Honourable Nsaba Buturo. Read the Bill. The text is here.
Another hypocrite. One who actually advocated on TV for death to homosexuals, if they refused to change! --- I do love the media. All those instant access tapes and videos, Youtube, you name it.

Solomon Male was singing a very different song just a while ago. Here is the song he is singing now.

A renown anti gay advocate, pastor Solomon Male said that although he is against gays, he is against the extreme punishments. "I do not support the death penalty," pastor Solomon Male is quoted as saying.
"The gays need to be given moderate punishment but be sensitized against the vice," he continued.

Contrast that with when I watched him on NTV for a talkshow when he was singing a very different tune. I wrote this letter of protest soon afterwards. I wrote it to Buturo, Bahati, etc..

Dear Sirs,
Last night, I watched Pastor Solomon Male on Agenda Uganda on NTV justifying the killing of gay Ugandans, because they could not, or would not change.
This morning, I see this article. Ugandan Pastor screens gay porn in Church.

Apparently, Solomon Male now sings a different story. I wish I could believe him.
And, during the show, one of the people there actually told Val Kalenda that he wanted a firing squad for gay people. Out there on City Square, like used to happen in Idi Amin's time. I never heard a squeak of protest out of the man of god, Solomon Male.
Enlighten me, do you know what Political Scientists do?

Long time ago, a rather naive younger me asked for the link between science and politics to make Political Science. The lecturer was not amused. But, it was a sincere question.
Now, I have part of the answer. They move meetings out of Uganda. No, I am not kidding you.

Political Scientists Move Meeting Out of Uganda
The American Political Science Association announced Friday that it will move its summer workshop for African scholars from Uganda to a yet-to-be-determined location elsewhere in Africa. The association planned the meeting well before the current debate there about legislation that would impose severe penalties -- including execution in some cases -- for gay acts. A statement issued by the association noted that "legal hostility" toward gay people is a problem in almost all African nations. But Uganda poses "unique" problems, the association said, in part because of the breadth of the proposed legislation, which covers some thought as well as behavior, the statement said. The association has been studying the issue and hoping that the legislation would be withdrawn or defeated, but at this point, plans need to be made, so the APSA decided to move the meeting. "We cannot commit today to send staff and scholars to work in Uganda safely on topics that include the study of sexual identity in politics, and we of course must not remove these topics from our agenda for the workshops," the statement said.

Buturo and Ssempa would say, good riddance. Me, I am a might more concerned. Oh well!


I know you know what scouts do. Oh, you know...!

David Bahati is a big man in the scout movement in Uganda. I will not bother you with the details. But, that was enough to bring him into the sights of Peter Tartchell's big guns. They sighted, and fired.
I am not sure Bahati even had any inkling of that action till the fall out was on him. Poor guy, he never did duck, and was hit fair and square.

Other scouts are not amused at dear David Bahati's unscoutly behaviour.

Britain’s top scouting chief has condemned Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill, which stipulates the death sentence for some forms of homosexual behaviour.
The chief executive of the Scout Association UK, Derek Twine, has described the proposed legislation as “discriminatory” and “incompatible” with scouting values. The Bill has been tabled by David Bahati MP, who is also chairman of the Scout Association of Uganda.
He is a Controversial man, is Peter Tatchell. I fear to tread where he flies in and out, scoring victories I would never even dream of, simply because I am that much less imaginative. Read the full article. There was the issue of whether it was on LGBT Scouts were targeted by the bill. But, Tatchell knows his world. And, who can argue with success? Maybe the loser.

As a matter of fact, what Tatchell highlighted is gamut to the bill text. Which is here, if you haven't read it recently.


Too much material. And, I still have more.

But I have to do some other things. Like cooling down and remembering that life is not just fighting the Anti-homosexuality bill and some people who want me killed.

Be well



spiralx said...

Mrs "Stink" deserves all she gets. I'm sure she doesn't have a problem with showing children extreme fetish porn, any more than her appalling husband does.

Well done St Peter, too, for letting the World Scout Ass'n know of the appalling misrepresentation of ideas and ideals going on here.

AfroGay said...

Thanks for the heads-up about Ssempa's blog. It's really something else but it would be a tactical mistake not to follow it. The best line of defense in any battle is to make sure you know what your opponent is thinking, isn't it?

unused said...

I do follow Ssempa, but there's a paucity of posts.
And someone tell these ISPs that the fiber optic cable only gets useful if the subscription fees go down. It costs an arm and a leg to get bandwidth in which you can stream voice and video without the annoying 30sec buffering

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