Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Pic, A thousand Words?

Thanks to the Monitor, I am having a Pictorial conversation of what happened at the Kasubi Royal Tombs

The Old Glory.

The Night of Destruction.
Bereft, trying to do something
The Ruins.

Mourning Crowds.

Preparation for Presidential Visit

Keeping the Crowd (enraged) away, from the President, of course

With Guns

Firing Live Rounds. People hit. Killed


The Kabaka to visit, later, after the Infamy. Joyous subjects kneeling, clearing the road

Royal tears. Burial place of 4 immediate ancestors. Kings.

A desecration of the Kingdom? Doubtless, many will see it so for years to come.


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Jean-Paul, Canada said...

A thousand words to me here in Canada; a million words to you there, in Uganda.

Opening fire into the crowd???!!!

What insanity.

Another crime against humanity, surely.


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