Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Petition

It was delivered. Which marked the first time that one from Ugandans has been, one against the bill, that is.

Now, the suprise person?

Was not there. A Prince of the Church. Dont know why. Told you it is very hard to support gay people. Even publicly.

But, Noreen Kaleba of TASO did sign the petition. And, she wanted to be around, though couldnt. And, with them, all the people in the world that signed the bill on our behalf. Guess I was there.... No. My partner was, though. I was there in spirit.
From the Monitor

Bishop Ssenyonjo, Frank Mugisha, Canon Byamugisha, Major Rubaramira

Gay law opponents petition parliament
A group of activists from various civil society organizations have petitioned the Speaker of Parliament, Edward Sekandi, protesting the Anti-Homosexuality Bill that is before the house.
The petitioners including renown HIV/AIDS activist Rubaramira Ruranga, TASO’s Noerine Kaleeba and controversial bishop Christopher Senyonjo, among others presented the online petition signed by over 450,000 people from across the world.
The activists oppose the clause that requires family and community members to report people suspected to be gays, which they say could be used for political and religious witch-hunt.
The petitioners say the bill does not protect Ugandan cultural practices as it violates traditions that teach against intolerance, injustice, hatred and violence. 
They are asking Parliament to instead enact laws that will protect people and not humiliate or kill them.
The activists now want the bill withdrawn, adding that it goes against the country’s constitution by encouraging discrimination against the gay people
And, from the last post,  the note from the Special Rappoteurs. Margaret Ssekagya happens to be a Ugandan. Former head of the Uganda Human Rights Commission. And, I am quite sure the bill has not received the second reading in parliament.

Life goes on. Have a great new day.



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