Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Tombs, and other news

Last night, the Kasubi Tombs were burnt.

Origin of the fire? Speculation. But, the anti-government sentiment amongst the Baganda is very high, and, guess who is the natural suspect.
Will there be any more riots in Buganda?

Can only watch and wait.
The Tombs are a world heritage site. Sometimes we forget our history in petty bickering, but Buganda is a 900 year kingdom. We might have our differences and thoughts. The burning down of such a place rich in our culture, [and that is our culture as Ugandans], is a big setback.

But, politics is the over-riding factor at the moment.

And, it is like someone is dead. The traditional Ganda greeting on a death in the family, on the village- that is the greeting this morning.

Here is a report from the New Vision. And, guess why the people were stopping the police from intervening. And, why the Government paper is trying to put the blame on ‘rioters’. And, why the fire trucks were damaged. It has started.

Seems as if my own troubles are just a tick on an elephant to this.
I will watch. My lover is scared. His experiences during the September riots were not very good.

And yes, the Baganda are blaming the President. And, rumours of arson.

In other news. Here is Minister Buturo explaining the reasons why immorality is destroying the world. It is eerie.. Without mentioning the word gay or homosexual once (I haven’t seen it in the article. Maybe you do!), he blames the world’s break up of family on gays.

But, of course I am being paranoid. It is just that before, diatribes like this from the honourable minister were squarely aimed at homosexuals. A clear and present danger.

Talk of people who are ‘destroying the fabric of family’, that Malawian couple is going to be convicted. Don’t think the intervention of these British MPs is going to matter. I wonder what prison is like? Gallows humour.

Still in Southern Africa, there is something funny going on in Zimbabwe. The opposition and Mugabe’s party have differing views of homosexuality. Guess which party wants a constitutional ban on being gay, or lesbian, or sodomy, etc etc…!

Talking of Uganda, someone takes on the pseudo science of anti-gay people. And, Comrade 27th in the comments comes up with his own view of that.
I have become healthily disgusted with intellectual dishonesty. If it is mine, I will ask for forgiveness. But, I am disgusted when it comes from politicking from my side, or another side, or any side. Truth to say, I am discovering the phenomenon from politicking on the anti-gay side… Clothing hate in the hypocrisy of love. I take on 27th comments with disgust. I just hate a person with demonstrable intelligence tryig to justify the unjustifiable. All in the name of making a ‘point’.

Public health, HIV and anti-gay laws. I am willing to listen to the experts. Maybe 27th has a comment to the contrary? Guess I will give that a pass. Remember intellectual dishonesty?

No, I am no prude at dishing out some things. Especially my opinion.

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F Young said...

Here is information about the Kasubi Tombs:

This virtual tour is very worthwhile:

LKT said...

I went to the Kasubi tombs when I was in Uganda and they were amazing. I can't imagine what a loss this must be for people for whom this is their heritage. What a tragedy. And what a worry, knowing how close to the surface the conflict between Bugandans and the government is. Please keep us posted (as I know you will).

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