Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Roundup. Sort of


A mudslide on the slopes of Mount Elgon. Does read grim. Photo from the Monitor

The rains which I was so guiltily taking joy in are taking a toll on my people. 
From the New Vision

I can only pray. Uh, you know what I mean. I do love rain, but rain comes with its blessings and curses. A bumper harvest may be one thing to be happy about. Terrible loss of life-  but, increadibly, life goes on.
Ssempa is getting some fun. Seems many people are interested in what he says on his blog. He has even featured on the Huffington Post! 
But, the problem is, someone is taking up the ‘fact check Ssempa’ thing. And, that is kind of painful advertisement. He wants to defend himself. Seems as if it is not working out exactly that way…

The Bahati, Anti-Homosexuality bill. Is the idea to wipe out homosexuality from Uganda? Check out this statement from Speaker Ssekandi of the Parliament of Uganda
The activists added that being gay was a right that needed to be respected.
Ssekandi asked: "Would you be happy if your son brought home a man or your daughter another girl for a partner?"
I am not very sure that Ssekandi gets it. Or, is it his hope that his son or daughter will not be homosexual because the bill is law?
Same as Odonga Otto who wants to kill a gay son. [shake of the head], these guys do think that we make ourselves gay, and that they can force us not to be so. How odd!

Which reminds me, I have to brush off on the science. Gets terribly rusty!



spiralx said...

A grim, if valuable, reminder that life - and death - in the real world goes on, despite the silliness of a fanatic few like "Stinky" Ssempa & co. living in their own little world.

Maybe once you have the facts once more in your mind, you can pass some of them on to Ssekandi, who sounds sorely in need of a few?

unused said...

Ssekandi, doesn't want the FACTS! Intractable to the core!

Leonard said...

What have facts or God got to do with Ssempa, Buturo, Bahatis and Orombis hallucinations, exploitation, scapegoating, demonizing and blatant lies at Church?

gayuganda said...

I think for some it is wilful ignorance. For others, they dont mind someone not telling them what they dont need to know...

But, that is life.

We fall, we get up, we move on.


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