Saturday, March 27, 2010

Martin Ssempa, PhD and Other things. (Including Lemonade from thrown Lemons)

I sincerely love things which make me look Ssempa in the eye and say, wow, here you are, hypocrite.

Now, Ssempa apparently has a Masters in something. Americans call it a 'graduate' degree. And, he also has a doctorate.... The one that he signs like so. Martin Ssempa, PhD.

The guys who gave him the same are having a change of heart? At least, I think they are. Here is a letter from them.

Response to Ugandan Pastor

 Recently, Ugandan pastor Martin Ssempa made statements concerning public policy regarding homosexuals in that nation. Philadelphia Biblical University (PBU) categorically condemns any position that calls for violence against human beings created in the image and likeness of God, or violent solutions to socially controversial issues. While PBU holds to a biblically defined position regarding human sexuality, to call for such action clearly violates the teaching of the Bible, and the principles and practices taught at PBU. Ssempa did earn a graduate degree from PBU in 1994. Ssempa also received an honorary degree from PBU in 2006 for his ministry of compassion to HIV/AIDS victims in his native land. The University was not aware at that time of Ssempa's recently expressed views. His present publicly stated position in no way represents or reflects the views of the University, its administration, or its faculty. It is our sincere hope that Christians would hold their convictions regarding homosexuality with a spirit of grace and compassion toward all human beings.


- From the University Administration

Now, now, speaking for myself. We have many other guys who tout the PhDs that others would not. I did once hint at this, but mate, VINDICATION. And, glee of course.

Some of Pastor? Martin Ssempa's examples. Dr. Iddi Amin Dada, (and the rest of the titles). Also Dr. Milton Obote....!

Now, just ask yourself, what does it say of Ssempa PhD, as he signs himself, of him touting an honorary degree like so?????? No. Seriously. The guy is vain, and will take any prop to try and show himself for what he is not. And, incidentally, he will try his level best to pull down any other person. He is vain, and small minded.

Exodus International ran away from Ssempa. But, they had to do it again. Ssempa is a very tricky ally to have. He embarasses his allies. Such hate like his is not Christin. Certainly not Christlike. Or is it? You tell me, Christians!

BUT, Ssempa has some allies. Charles Tuhaise is one such. He has released a statement, saying that it is from the Uganda Association of Social Workers.
Know what, it actually amused me. And, made me writhe, thinking that another Ugandan is showing himself a fool. I feel a little bit better blaming him alone, but I have to note that it is the whole Association which is 'releasing' the statement. It is very, very sad.

I will really wait to see what the world's bodies think of it.
Noticed the commentary above? One called it 1950 psychobabble. Indeed it is. And, here is another disbelieving person. Why are Ugandans so ready to play the fool (like in a Shakespearean Commedy, the king's fool, but not as wise) when it comes to homosexuality? I sincerely dont know. I am a gay Ugandan, but, I am cringing in s

Now, I had the opinion that Robert Mugabe is destroying, or has destroyed Zimbabwe. He has another opinion. That, it is us gay people....! Imagine what terrible destructive powers that we have, we terrible gay people! Destroying Zimbabwe! You know, we stopped blaming the colonialists, the whites, Britain, the US.... Now, the clear and present danger is the homosexuals. And, lest he be left behind, the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, sort of agrees.

A guy called Ryan at Columbia sees a decided silver lining to the whole Anti-homosexuality bill in Uganda. Admittedly, the bill is a piece of nonsense. And, the Gay Porn in Church showing pastor Ssempa in his lunacy has been a huge aid. So, Ryan says, seize the opportunity. Read the article. It is worth reading. An excerpt.

Overall, the Ugandan legislation presents both a singular crisis and opportunity. The US and other Western states should take the lead in getting the UNHRC to pass a resolution promoting the inalienable rights of gay people everywhere.  NGOs should also continue their efforts to keep the Uganda issue beeping on the public radar. Gay individuals and anyone that knows or has just met a gay person should immediately lobby their government to support passage of a gay rights resolution. All these actors must capitalize on the groundswell against the Ugandan bill quickly if the UNHRC is to act on the manner.

Should this occur it is entirely possible, just like Prop 6, hate will receive a mortal blow in Uganda and the bill will be shelved, permanently.  The UN will have also taken a major step in finally coming out of the closet on gay rights, boosting the legitimacy of not just the UNHRC, but also the idea of universal human rights.  Nobody is calling for the ratification of a global gay marriage treaty or some sort of UN pride parade.  Instead, it is merely hoped that a symbolic resolution can be passed supporting gay individuals' most fundamental right, the right to exist.   As Mr. Milk would likely concur, when life throws lemons at you, make lemonade

So, what do you think? Can we make lemonade? It is worth spreading around that idea. The bill is a bit of nonsense. But, that bill has actually scared me out of my complacency.

Now, with that thought in my mind (mind you, I still am waiting for the bill to die, which kind of focuses my attention,), I will sign off for now.

Be well, and a great weekend.



AfroGay said...

Ha, Ha, Ha. I figured out a while back that the PHD is a pretend one. I was struck by how a person with a PHD didn't know that the word "homosexualist" doesn't exist in the English language. Yet Ssempa uses it liberally.

Please forgive me (too busy hosting a huge party this weekend) but I shall borrow from your posting at some point.

PHD ... ha, ha, ha.

Erp said...

Strictly speaking he could have had a legit PhD from a different university and an honorary one from this but checking his web site shows he lists only where he got his Masters. It is considered bad form to use PhD (or Dr.) when all one has is an honorary degree. I note the highest degree that the Philadelphia Biblical College offers is Masters and only in a few areas (Bible, Christian Counseling, and Education at the time Ssempa got his Masters).

As for 'homosexualist' not existing in English, English permits new words to be created by anyone. Most die rapidly but a few will catch on. One can always return the favor and coin (or reuse) a word to describe Ssempa and those like him.

Leonard said...

Ssimpersualista, PG rated, a bomb at the boxoffice!

Anonymous said...

Thought the PHD meant Pretty Huge Dick

Anonymous said...

I have to say, as someone who's been working on a Ph.D. for the last five years, it's good to see you "outing" Ssempa for the wannabe and the hypocrite he is. Love your blog--keep up the revolutionary work.

Jean-Paul, Canada said...

"...And, the Gay Porn in Church showing pastor Ssempa in his lunacy has been a huge aid."

Yea, I can imagine how PBU saw that stunt.

The man is facing total disgrace, and I do worry about his wife and children.

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