Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Uganda NOT the place for gay People.

Hmmmmmm! Anything new there?

Maybe it is a case of making lemonade from the lemons thrown at us. It is true that the Bahati Bill, Uganda’s anti-homosexuality bill has thrown a hard light on the plight of gay Africans.

The Australian delegation raised concerns about draft laws being considered in Uganda that could allow life imprisonment or, in some cases, the death penalty for *** sexuality.
"Sexual orientation or gender identity must never be the basis for discrimination, abuse, criminal action and penalties, detention or imprisonment, or deprivation of any human right," Australia said in a statement with Canada and New Zealand.
For that, we have to be thankful.  I mean, the debate goes on.

But, that bill is still in parliament. And that does worry me.

Now, here is another analysis of Christianity and the need for liberal Christian missionaries in Africa as opposed to the conservatives. Seems like Africa is up for grabs.
I am not going to lift any excerpts from the article. Just get to it, and let it stir your thought processes. From my point of view, I am quite ambivalent. We Africans are very, very religious. And, hypocritical with that very same religious thing. Why one religion over another? A scramble for Africa is ongoing. Do I have to take sides? Oh? Of course I will not.

Meanwhile of course, even in Zimbabwe, the opposition and government both believe we homosexuals are the pits.  Politics as usual. Blame the homosexuals. A round up article of Africa says, to the Gallows with them!

Now, I have to go off and sleep.

We had a fight last night. And, I ended up sleeping on the equivalent of the couch… It was so uncomfortable that I didn’t sleep. Suprisingly, even the one who did sleep in the bed says he didn’t sleep, so I wonder what was gained by that?

Anyway, he wants me in bed with him. Which means, I have to hurry up and go make up. Ahem, properly, I mean…!

Let me leave the debate on whether or not I am as bad as some people believe me to be. More important things to take care of at the moment……

Be well!


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