Thursday, March 18, 2010


When I first heard Steven Langa speak, he said words to the effect that he is for Family. And, against anything that is against family.

Then of course he went on to spew his hate about gay people. The excuse? We are against family.
Such is simple faith. I have no doubt that he is a believer. I have no doubt that he doesn’t question his faith and his ‘need’ to fight the gay agenda. That hidden, deep… whatever.

Why do people feel that we threaten them so?

Was talking to someone who theorised, we represent change for some people. Those who are labelled ‘conservatives’. And, that fear of change is palpable. They will go to lengths to oppose this.

I have come to recognise the disguised or Christian way to nuance hate. Forget the Ssempa way. He just wants to oooohhhh and aaaahhhhh while watching gay porn. But, the refusal to call a gay human being gay. No. They argue that he is a ‘homosexual’ and that they are just being ‘true’ to what is. If you are an American, can you imagine refusing to call an African American so, because in your view, that person is a nigger….

Of course, Ssempa goes further. Not his the nuancing. Sodomites! Don’t call them gay. They are not happy people. Really?

Then, there is the refusal to accept that we are human enough to reach out for companionship and a permanent state. They call our commitment ceremonies homosexual “marriage”. Putting it like so of course does two things. First, emphasize that it cannot be marriage. And, denigrate the resulting union.

Christian. Nuanced hate.

I have been trying to finish a blog post about the convolutions that the churches in Uganda went through to correctly, in politically correct Christian speech, clothe their hate of gay people. I am not yet finished, and I am determined that I will. Because it is a chronicle of all that is bad and ugly in the ideals that we call religion.

I don’t hate religion.
No. That is a sentiment that a man called Bolton helped me work out on this very blog. Some years ago. I didn’t know that I was so bitter. But, somehow, I managed to work out that venom.

But, the things that happened, are happening in Uganda have reminded me that the religions, Church and Mosque are intrinsically cruel.
They need to be called out. We have the single most damning weapon. Truth. And, if that is what it takes to bring them to shame, why, we shall record the truth that we see.

I was actually thinking about this article,  of a Christian registrar in England who wants the right to refuse to perform gay marriages. Well, doesn’t matter that gay English also pay her salary, does it? What matters is that she is a Christian, and, she should not perform gay ‘marriages’

We, us homosexuals, and the people who are like us can never qualify for anything that underlines our differences. Here is an article that examines a court challenge that is happening in Guyana

Why do we continue winning in the courts? Not ‘activist’ judges.

I am gay. But, I think that ultimately, the petty reasons cannot stand logical examination.

Of course, we shall continue losing with the ‘majority’. Simply put, the majority will not like what we represent. The change, the difference that we embody. So, we shall always lose there. But, logic will continue winning for us. Whether it is with church or others. For surely, we are human beings, aren’t we?

And, Desmond Tutu, and people like him are there to say on our behalf,

“Its time to stand up to another wrong.”

Someone examines a fascinating question to me:- Why Have Christians Led Anti-Gay Pogroms Before the Islamic World? 

I think he actually tries to explain it by saying homophobia in Islamic lands is so deeply entrenched that gay people are simply invisible. But, why Christian leaders in Christian lands. Leading pogroms! Jesus IS turning over in the grave. Sacrilege to you, I know. But, a worthy question. Think of Bishop Chai in Kenya, Archbishop Orombi in Uganda, and, of course the now silent one, the one from Nigeria.

If Ssempa is a Christian leader, add him to that list of infamy.

Why are Christian leaders leading anti-gay pogroms? Actually, the question is Christians. So, the net swoops up Langa, Nsaba-Buturo, Bahati, and the others.

African activist believes that Uganda is better than the Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009. That analysis is actually good. Is Uganda a theocratic state? Why do MPs think and act and talk like the Bible or Quran informs all legislation? And other questions. Actually, it is the kind of analysis that I would recommend to 27th Comrade. He might actually be jolted from his heaven of bits and bites, and actually use that brain to figure out a few things.

I will have to go to sleep. Soon. But, not before I recommend Andrew Mwenda’s excellent article

Hope you get a good morning.



unused said...

Christianity itself is not the problem, I can not speak for other religions, that would be outside of my remit and beyond the limits of my pedigree. I will say that it takes one rotten Mango in the basket to change one's appetite for the rest of the basket, fairly or unfairly. But even the master and saviour of our faith, Jesus Christ had a Judas in his midst, of the twelve he appointed apostles, one would betray him.Just because Judas became appointed an apostle does not make him righteous (or for that matter Christian) by de facto! In fact I always say that if we can restrict the Judases to one in twelve, then we'd pat ourselves on the back for a job well done! Not everyone that says Lord, Lord..... is from the LORD!
It can be analogous to marriage, marriage can a beautiful or the ugliest thing possible. The fault is not with marriage per se, but any marriage is only as good as the partners in it, and it takes two to tangle, it's no good when one is "good", the other "bad".

spiralx said...

Fear of the unknown is deeply ingrained in humans. In Africa, it's more to the foreground because so many have grown up living on an environmental edge (and still do), where a leap into the unknown may literally mean the difference between a decent harvest, and dying of hunger.

Hence also the almost obsessive interest in having children - in spite of the fact that we have more than enough human beings on the planet, and far more in Africa than our continent can feed! They represent continuity, survival - and also help in your old age.

If those thick-wit Americans had bothered to understand the culture before brainwashing the local dimwits last year, a lot of grief might have been avoided.

If the local dimwits, political and (pseudo) religious, would bother to think through the issues, they might avoid more.

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