Friday, March 26, 2010

Kasubi, the Royal Tombs, and other things

Watching live TV of what is happening at Kasubi, …

I think these are the scenes that make the President jealousy? A huge pilgrimage of people. The Baganda going to Kasubi for the last day of the Mourning period.

Of course it has turned into a huge anti-government thing.

Why parse words. The govt has been fighting the interests of that particular group for years now. So, why should they expect to be loved? Certainly, they are not….!

Talking of hate, I have just read a huge write up of the guy who targeted the Kenyan gay people. He is a piece of shit.

Almost as big as Ssempa. Have you read this blog post on Ssempa's antics? Again, it is worth reading. An excerpt.

What perplexes me is that Mr Ssempa regards himself as a Christian. Odd really, since the rhetoric of persecution and segregation represents the very antithesis of Christ's teachings. I would seriously question if this charlatan's been within ten feet of a bible (excepting his mother providing bedtime stories from Leviticus). And (yawn) as with so many fundamentalists, his limited mental faculty is incapable of separating the concepts of homosexuality and paedophilia. Trite, clichéd and downright bizarre, yes, but thanks to people like him, these offensive stereotypes still persist in the world. Worst of all, this twisted logic is being bandied about in the absence of reliable corroborative evidence. But, since when has empirical truth played a part in any superstition?

Why is it that so many extremist religious 'leaders' try to mask the rhetoric of bigotry and inhumanity behind a fallacious banner of righteousness? I mean, doesn't the vast gamut of humankind deserve more than the rantings of didacts who arrogantly imagine that their doctrine supersedes the ethics of compassion, respect and human dignity? More saliently, isn't someone who demonises the eclectic nature of humanity an enemy to humanity at large?

Just read the whole post. It is worth it.

Words are powerful, and dangerous. I was reading a long rebuttal of Desmond Tutu's message on African homophobia… (No, I refuse to link to it, ), and my mind was incredulous, then sad. It is true, at least to me, that many words serve to simply confuse and hide what is true. And, that there are many people who use that trick to hide their hate. Ssempa is one.

Compare Ssempa to Desmond Tutu and you see the difference between a wolf in sheep's clothing, and a true shepherd. Take it or leave it, but the shining wisdom in the teaching of Jesus of Nazareth was not in clever long worded theses. It was, and still is, in short, vivid imagery, living words and actions that shine eternal in the mind.

What I want to say is that, I don't trust people who use long winded words to justify what they do. An action of love is just that. Love. It is the action of hate which takes lots of words to try and explain away as hate.


Zuma is in Uganda. And, that is the other news.

Don't know whether he is still slated to bring his homophobic ambassador to be. I love Zuma. So typically 'African' in all our naked lack of sophistication. Political correctness? The president of South Africa seems not to know such language.

I love him because he is the logical challenge to the Bahati's and Steven Langa's of this world. In polite spaces, we bow and listen to the 'traditional family' nonsense of Bahati. But, even taking into account the fact that 'family' can never be uniform, Zuma's is THE typical African family.

He recently got married to his 3rd Wife…. and, did a great dance about it.

And, he also recently publicly acknowledged the birth of his 20th child. Out of wedlock…. No, the child was not born to the 3 women who count themselves Zuma's wives.

What amused me so much was that he was forced to apologize.

Guys, when will we ever grow up? Why does 'political correctness' take precedence over perception? To me that is intellectual dishonesty. Denying what is, because that is not what we want to see. Hey, I do have my opinions. Politically incorrect… but, why not?!

Of course Zuma is homophobic [snort], think I have to shut my mind to that? It is just that, trying to force ourselves not to see what is true of our society doesn't solve anything.


A silver lining to the whole anti-gay thing is the focus, and wake up call that has been to most of the world. Hate is, and it has been, all this time. Import or not from America, but it still has been taking a huge toll on what has been happening.

Treatment Action Plan has got it, and they are taking up the call.

"As a continent, Africa is failing to uphold the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual and intersex individuals---
"Human rights violations and the stigma around HIV and homosexuality reduce access to and uptake of HIV treatment, prevention and care."

The organisation said it was "morally deplorable" for governments to "sanction homophobia", and expressed fears that laws which targeted homosexuals were also counterproductive in the fight against HIV.

have a good day.



AfroGay said...

Please link the offensive post. The best way to effectively fight one's enemies is to know what they are thinking and saying.

Think of this a long game of chess, ...

spiralx said...

Please don't. Bother, that is. Honestly, Afrogay, you know already the arguments. Leviticus, Paul, etc. There's no need to trot out the tiresome bigot-baggage all over again.

If you're that bored, go Google for "tutu homophobia speech rebuttal", and scroll down to the Stabroek news item (yes, an Afrikaner paper. Quel surprise).

Anonymous said...

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