Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Round Up

Gays are to blame for everything.

Terrorism... (9/11), Srebrenica, Nazi Germany, the Genocide in Rwanda, earthquakes.... You name it. It can all be thrown at the feet of iniquitous gays, since the times of Sodom and Gomorrah. Of course, we are to blame for the Catholic Church's celibacy policy, and priests abusing children. Who else is there to blame?

Gay is the new Jew? I think that is the saying. And, mate, arent we great Jews! All the Christians blame us, for one thing or another.

Zambia is banning same sex marriage in the constitution. The local gay group is outraged. Me, I dont have the energy to waste on outrage. Ha ha ha ha! Politically incorrect speech from this gay Ugandan. Bite me, I am entitled to my opinion.

Let the heteros and gay bashers be focused on their 'protection of marriage', a distinctly American import. I will not amuse them by going up in flames about it. Life, liberty, those are more pressing concerns for this gay man. Marriage? Uhhhhh, let them assume that denying us marriage is the ultimate. Such puny human beings they are.

Still in Southern Africa. Remember what happened in Malawi, when a loving couple decided to celebrate their love? Here are some interesting developments.

Meanwhile, it has been announced that the Blantyre Chief Resident Magistrates Court will not deliver its verdict in the marathon case involving Malawi's first openly gay couple next Monday as previously scheduled.
Instead, a judiciary spokesman said, Chief Resident Magistrate Nyakwawa Usiwa-Usiwa will rule whether Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga has a case to answer or not. 
"If the magistrate rules that they have no case to answer they will be released but if they are found with a case to answer they will be required to enter their defence," he said. 
But, that is not all in Malawi. I did cite a report where the Churches in Malawi refused to be taught about differing sexualities, didnt I? But, these stalwart Men of God are have been in very deep mental gymnastics. And, here is what has caught me of their deliberations.

Bishop Joseph Bvumbwe, said the heads of Malawi's protestant churches had resolved not to allow homosexuality in Malawi.
"It was the considered view of heads of protestant churches in Malawi that homosexuality should not be allowed in Malawi," he said.
A communiqu' issued at the end of the meeting and released Friday, says that the church leaders agreed that homosexual acts are influenced by sin and not sexual orientation.
The, errr, that word, which I dont want to use, but which is so spot on.... the STUPIDITY! Yes, the stupidity is breathtaking.

So, Homosexuality will not be allowed into Malawi? Like it is coming from the dreaded foreigners? Huh! Homosexuality is not allowed in Uganda. And, it is not..... But, why should I seek to enlighten those who will not have any sense get past their skulls?

And, notice the last bit of it? The Bishops have become doctors. Like of old, isnt it? Traditional healers, a reversion. Seems curiously like what happened in Uganda, with the church of Uganda declaring 'Homosexuality is a Sexual Dis-Orientation'.

Icearc here tried to defend the church from its hate. He seems to say, it is a case of a few bad apples. Or mangoes, or beans, whatever.
But even the master and saviour of our faith, Jesus Christ had a Judas in his midst, of the twelve he appointed apostles, one would betray him.Just because Judas became appointed an apostle does not make him righteous (or for that matter Christian) by de facto! In fact I always say that if we can restrict the Judases to one in twelve, then we'd pat ourselves on the back for a job well done! Not everyone that says Lord, Lord..... is from the LORD!
Icearc, I do understand what you are saying. But, from where I am watching, it seems as if it is a lot of bad apples floating around. And, the good ones, the Tutu's, the Byamugishas are precious and few in between.

The Malawian priests claim national sovereignty. That, because they are poor, they shouldnt be pushed around.
Strange thing. When the Bududda mudslides happened, I heard one of the Ministers in Uganda giving an assesment. They thought that to prevent mudslides and things like that, it had been projected that we needed something like 2-20M USD. And, they were asking donors to step in and fill the gap.

When we are begging for the money which our leaders find so endearing to embezzle, we have no shame, no thinking of our 'sovereignty'. When it comes to matters of killing our homosexuals, (and persecuting the opposition, or other heinious acts of dis-civilization), that card is one of the first ones out our deck. Donors should of course give us money. But, they shouldnt look where the money is going.

Because, we are sovereign nations.
But the church leaders have urged donors not to hold Malawi to ransom over the gay issue by threatening aid freeze to force the southern African country to relax its homophobic stand.
"Malawi should not allow the international community to use its financial power to push it to accept homosexuality," reads the communique which also urged the government of President Bingu wa Mutharika not to be cowed by the financial freeze threats.
Bishop Bvumbwe told PANA it was high time poor countries like Malawi were left alone to decide what was good for them.
Government spokesman Leckford Mwanza Thotho maintains that Malawi is a sovereign state with its own laws, values and morals.
"We are a decent, God-fearing nation," he said. "We have our own laws and those currently under trial will be treated fairly under our existing laws." 
If I dare mention that the god they are talking about is a foreign god, brought by colonialists..... Of course I will have committed sacrilege! [shake of the head]

But, before you get buried in this mud, here is a report of one study. Gay couples are good parents. Duh!

But, does the Catholic church accept that? Just have a look at this. That article again shows how far people will go in the name of hate. I call it hate, the justification of things just because they are against homosexuals. [snort]


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