Monday, January 18, 2010

Bahati in America.

Seems to be the hot topic.

Well, he says that he is going. He says he is attending, and, apparently he is supposed to be speaking. Share the podium with Barack Obama. Here is the Monitor link.
Mr Bahati, according to reports, may speak at the event where President Barack Obama – a gays-tolerant liberal president, is also expected to attend. On Friday, Mr Bahati said he would attend. The event is organised by The Fellowship- a conservative Christian organisation, which has deep political connections and counts several high-ranking conservative politicians in its membership.
“I intend to attend the prayer breakfast,” said Mr Bahati - himself a part organiser of the Ugandan equivalent of the national prayer breakfast.

Hot topic. He has lain his bed. He shall lie on it. Let him have joy of it.

I have no opinion on where David Bahati should travel or not. After all he is the elected representative of his people. But, I would really love to hear that he has visited his constituency, Ndorwa West, and seen the poverty and pain that his constituents live in. And, that he is doing something about them. But, most likely, he will not be visiting them soon about any developmental thing. He even hopes that the bad donors who are giving HIV drugs to people in his constituency stop because they are insisting he does not pass a bill to kill homosexual Ugandans.

But, his travel plans, and where he goes, that is for the governments and citizens where he is going. [shrug, shrug, shrug]

But, from what I am reading, people are not happy at all. Not at all. And, by people, I mean Americans who have been following this ‘Kill the Gays’ bill. One comment on this blog is that it is an opportunity for him to be arrested and tried. For inciting genocide. I guess that would happen in Holland and Spain. Not so?

Here is what one incesed guy blogs.
It's Put Up or Shut Up for Barack Obama

David Bahati, author of the Ugandan "Kill the Gays" bill, and Ugandan Ethics and Integrity Minister James Nsaba Buturo are expected to come to the United States to attend the National Prayer Breakfast.
Let's be clear: These people are proposing genocide against gays in Uganda.
They should not be granted a visa.
If Barack Obama does not want a diplomatic dispute over this, I think that he is wrong, but he then has another option: Be the first President since Dwight Eisenhower not to attend the breakfast, saying that he will not break bread with them.
If he does neither, he is immoral, and he is a coward, and he does not deserve the public trust.
It is possible that Obama will take steps to prevent this, such as pressuring "The Family", the secretive Christo-Fascist group that has organized the prayer breakfasts, to dis-invite them.
But if he sits down to break bread with people who are this deeply evil, he is giving his personal imprimatur to genocide, and anyone who supports gay rights should not support him.

No. Before you do ask me, I do not believe that David Bahati, author of this Anti-Homosexual Bill, (text here) should share a podium with any leader.

I do think that Mr Bahati has been duped. He has been lied to. He has embraced those lies. But, he is an adult human being who has CHOSEN to believe those lies without questioning, without researching them, without proving them against knowledge that is freely available in the world.

He has chosen to embrace his bill. He has chosen to write and defend a genocidal bill.

For that reason, and, because he is an adult human being, I have no compuction saying that he should not share the podium with any leader of the world. Least of all Barack Obama, who we Africans hold in iconic awe.

The only leaders he should share a podium with are Hitler of Nazi Germany. Pol Pot of Cambodia, and maybe Franco of Spain. And Idi Amin of Uganda

That is brutal, it is tough, it is rough.

But, that is what I think, and I am not going to be shy recommending that for a person who believes me and people who are like me are so bad we deserve the death penalty and life imprisonment. No. I am no Christian to turn the other cheek. He is the Christian. He should turn the other cheek. I have not yet seen him do it.

You remember when the Red Rug published names of 'tycoons' in Uganda who are 'promoting homosexuality'? One of my friends was exposed like so. He has been effectively relieved of his responsibilities, and the company seems ready to fire him. But, he is not yet fired. Looking for a 'reasonable excuse', maybe.

That is what I also risk. No, I have no compunction advocating for David Bahati having a taste of what he wants other human beings to have, what he is making sure that I have.

I hadnt noticed Dr. James Nsaba-Buturo's prayer at the recent meeting of the National Executive Committee of Uganda's ruling party. Here.
He asked the Minister of Ethics and Integrity, Dr. James Nsaba Buturo, to lead the opening prayers. Buturo prayed to God to protect Uganda against promoters of homosexuality and corruption. 
Anti-gay hysteria indeed. To Ugandan Christians, and it is being rubbed in by the Churches and the pastors (if you havent, do read the post about Ssempa's World...) Homosexuality is the most prominent evil. Period.

And, I am a homosexual.

And, a promoter of homosexuality!!!!!!

Be well



unused said...

Ssempa and the christian far right have blood on their hands. I watched, to my chagrin, as public health specialists and their strategic plans to deal with the HIV/AIDS, were brushed aside by the "all Knowing" mafia. Apparently, what had worked for more than a decade, the comprehensive ABC strategy, became ABc, and finally AB. No wonder the AIDS prevalence has stabilised at 7-8%, no guesses which direction it's heading in the near future, if health policy isn't returned to the specialists...... or does the rationale AIDS is a suitable punishment from God for "immorality" hold

Jean-Paul, Canada said...

Good morning, Mr. Bahati. How would you like your eggs?

I expect to see a "little" demonstration in Washington on February 4th. I hope nobody takes a shot at him, but one way or another, he will have his eggs.


Jean-Paul Bentham

gayuganda said...

Ssempa and co certainly have blood on their hands.

But, we also have to take blame for accepting their thoughts, their idealism, their lies for what they are not.

Hélder António said...

Greetings & salutations, GUG!

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