Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sometimes some things just need to be said.

You would think an HIV prevention programme for gay men would not be stopped, dont you think?

Well, think again. Here is a government, in Botswana, Southern Africa, that is doing exactly that. Maybe beetroot and garlic will be back on form as a treatment for HIV. Here is the article.

And, though I may not be perfectly well informed, I think Botswana is one of those Southern African countries which have the highest HIV rates world over. Think of levels of over 20% of the adult population....

Guess those figures are not going to change soon, are they? Speak of thinking with ones head up ones ass. Why are we so generically stupid when something concerns homosexuality? I dont know, but, I will watch that with interest.

From reading the article, I think the paper reports what are facts. The reasons given by the Ministry of Health are so transparently stupid that i wonder why they bothered to have a face saving thing like this. Just take a leaf from Uganda. We are what we are. Period.

What is more interesting is that the fiery anger which used to inflame me when something like this occured has gone down. I accept that people hate, and will always hate me for what I am. Now, what to do is to make sure that I am not blinded by a reciprocal hate. But, I find a way to heal, on my own.

Speaking of heads up assholes, here is an assesment of Uganda's very own Anti-Homosexuality bill, and HIV prevention in the country. Explains it in a way that even I can understand it. Bottom line, in the struggle to kill off Uganda's homosexuals, homos and heteros will die. Period.

But then, it is war. What is the problem with collateral damage?

The mighty Christians at Exodus International have come up with a statement that touches on the Anti-Homosexuality Bill of Bahati. Seems like a long time ago, they sent the President a letter. Now, an 'official' statement. Where is the bill, you would like to know? Somewhere in committee. Hanging around, hanging around.

Speaking of bills in the parliament of Uganda, this guy represents the view of quite a few irate Ugandans.

Let Parliament first fight corruption Posted Monday, March 22 2010 at 00:00
I am surprised that government ministers are busy tabling several bills which to me are not a priority. This sometimes makes me wonder whether they are not just redundant.
As the government is wrangling with foreign powers over gay issues, one minister has come up with a Bill aimed to have bars close by10. p.m. and another is expected to come up with Bill that aims at gagging media.
To me, tabling all these Bills is a diversionary tactic by the government. Uganda's number one problem is corruption, number two is still corruption and number three problem remains corruption.
Tema Kafeero,

 I assure you Tema, [grin], you are not the first one to wonder at this Parliament's legislative agenda. Especially at this particular time. Orders from above? We might as well talk about the arson at Kasubi. But then, maybe they dont want us to talk about that also!

Kenya seems to have gone quiet. But, maybe not. LGBT asylum news has an update here. I must say that, my Kenyan friends, though decidedly more violent than Ugandans, seem to have actually intervened meaningfully. Why doesnt such a thing happen in Uganda? With religious leaders actually listening to what is being said by LGBT people? Simple, the government in Kenya is actually working with the gay people, not scapegoating them. In Uganda, if we try to talk to the religious leaders... those guys who would rather believe lies of us... Seen the post about Malawi? Wonder why the Christians who went to educate the Malaw Council of Churches were foreigners?

Speaking of Malawi, the gay couple apparently have a 'case to answer'. Incarcerated for months now. And, just because they loved each other... Sigh....!

Want to hear what the Christians of Uganda think? Here is the the Minister of Ethics and Integrity. The very Christian Buturo. By the way, the Patience Rwabogo that is being talked about is one of the First Daughters. The President's daughter. Religion is tight here. In Uganda. Everyone seems to be into it. Except sinners like me who are also gay. Now, that complicates things.

Now, have a good day.



spiralx said...

What's becoming more and more obvious in all of these various hypocrises, is how much inherited Victorian colonial laws (political and religious) are out of step with modern thinking.

So there is a schism. Modern stuff that needs doing, clashing with colonial inheritances from over a century ago.

Donb't hold your breath. Africans are not renowned for thinking their way out of the paper bags they put over their own heads...

unused said...

The day the First Family especially the first Lady and daughters surrender their suspiciously gotten wealth, I'll believe their assertion that they're christian born agains at heart. As it stands, it all looks like a carefully crafted gimmick to carry the large evangelical vote, who as a rule are fiercely loyal to the current regime.

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