Monday, November 9, 2009

Christian, to Ugandan Christian

I loved this article.

Another Christian asking why Ugandan Christians seem to be bloody minded. If only against fellow Ugandans who are homosexual!!!

Here is an excerpt

"At their Nov 2008 meeting, the House of Bishops of the Church of the Province of the West Indies called for an end to capital punishment. “Mindful of our Blessed Lord’s repudiation of ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth,’ and, that in our prayer, study, reflection and experience, the death penalty has not been proved to be a deterrent,” the bishops called on “our people to stand with us in our opposition to the death penalty.”

The clarity of Bishop Boyd's statement and his courage in speaking out leads to this question: 

Why can't the Church of Uganda do the same, or for that matter the Province of the West Indies, the Church of England or The Episcopal Church as concerns Uganda's outrageous proposal of a new law providing capital punishment for homosexual acts?

Well, some say, Bishop Boyd is speaking to his own government, not to a foreign government. He has the backing of his own house of bishops already. He is not putting the leadership of a fellow church, the Church of Uganda, in harm's way by his own actions. He is speaking to his own about a problem in the community where he has jurisdiction.

I will continue to call out for other Christians to restrain their brothers and sisters in Uganda. I am not a Christian. I am just asking that Christians act like Christians.

But, there are some who are more 'academic' on this matter of hating gays. In Kenya, no, no. In London, two Kenyan guys got married. It was headline news in Kenya, and, the reaction was very violent. Someone tries to analyse the, err, academic ramifications of this kind of reaction. And rights, of the individual and the state. The Freedom of thought that we hate.


(Errr, hope I have shown that I can, err, errr, read the Academic treatise too!)


Anonymous said...

How do you feel lesbain and gay Ugandans should safely counter the violence directed to them? Are there still ways to fight for LGBT liberation in your country when it is the Christian, supposedly "good hearted" people who are opposing you the most and with the most violence?

gayuganda said...

Dont know...

We will always be. I mean, we cannot just pull the plug and 'die' because they want us to.

Will have to find a way. As always

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