Friday, November 13, 2009

Church to the Rescue

I think it is high time!

Yes. What I mean is that, the Church in Africa has been doing a lot of hate peddling and persecution of us gay Africans, in the name of Christ. In the name of 'biblical Christianity'. Christians from outside Africa have traditionaly used kids gloves to tackle these issues because they dont want to be accused of 'colonialism' or neo-colonialism.

I would have no problem with that. Except that, I and my own are the ones hurting, as the African 'Christians' go on rampage, following their own version of 'biblical' Christianity, vieing with each other to be more 'biblical' than others.

So Christians, take back your Church. Please. Reclaim what it means to be Christian, because the likes of Pastor Martin Ssempa are claiming that they are doing dastardly things in the name of Christ. High time you as Christians stood up and said enough is enough. Listening to him, again, on Premier Radio, I kind of felt, wow, is this man a Christian? And my gut answer was NO.

And, I am glad Christians are starting to reclaim their church! Very glad.

Here are some articles on the same.

Anglicanism's Uganda moment of truth

Anti-gay bill tests core Christian Witness

In Church times, a re-hash of what has been happening.

And, Davis MacIyala, a Nigerian who had to seek refuge in the UK because of persecution in Nigeria, and has since made it his cause to promote LGBTI inclusivity in Christianity (imagine, he was doing that in Nigeria, with the likes of Akinola breathing down his neck!).
He has an open letter in the Guardian, challenging Christians specifically the Primates. "the Archbishop of Canterbury and other Anglican primates to speak out against the bill, whatever their views on “homosexuality as a moral issue”"

Yes, speak out. And stop this persecution of LGBTI Africans. It is time you stood up to some of these guys and said that that is not Christian.

And this bill is not Christian. No. It is not.

It is not Christian, nor Moslem, nor any other Compassionate religion. It may have been written by Hitler as a Final Solution, to rid Uganda of homosexuality, as it succintly states in the preamble. But, you have to come out and say, no. IT IS NOT CHRISTIAN.

Because in Uganda and Africa, it is being promoted as the finest Christian witness. 

So, stand up and reclaim your religion!


Guess the Church is made of human beings. Here is the Catholic Church threatening not to do its Christian Charity duty if Washington DC dares to pass a Gay equality, marriage bill.

To DC, please, call their bluff. They are Christians. Or, at least they call themselves that. Call their bluff!


Anonymous said...

Here's an interesting article on how the Kenyan government may be changing its attitude toward gays:

Leonard said...

Today (or yesterday depending) a Judge in Argentian granted a ¨Gay¨ couple the right to get married...that ought get a few mitres embedded in the ceiling...on the Anglican side of things, Presiding Bishop Greg Venables (a British fellow in Argentina) has been very active with the Global South ¨boys¨...unfortunately his Southern Cone Province, although large in geographic size, is tiny with Anglican membership...Venables has been seeking greener pastures for some time...unfortunately he´s not much of a success except in causing trouble wherever he goes...these Gafcon buzzards are all circling
and eagerly looking for fresh, or not, meat.

Leonard said...

You did see this bit of encouraging news from the largest Muslim populated country?

Islam 'recognizes homosexuality'

Abdul Khalik , The Jakarta Post , Jakarta | Fri, 03/28/2008 1:38 AM | Headlines

Leonard said...

More HUGE progress from the MORMON Church:

Will LDS’s Incremental Approach To LGBT Issues Someday Lead To Bigger Changes?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has declared its support of nondiscrimination regulations that would extend protection in matters of housing and employment in Salt Lake City to those with same-sex attraction.

The Church said the Salt Lake City Council’s new nondiscrimination ordinance “is fair and reasonable” and balances fair housing and employment rights with the religious rights of the community.

Leonard said...

Superior Court Rules in Favor of Episcopal Diocese
Justice continues to happen against ¨foreign¨ Bishops and their cronnies:

The San Diego Superior Court ruled in favor of the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego on Tuesday, November 10 in a property dispute involving the congregations of two churches that claimed to leave the Episcopal Church, taking church property with them.

Leonard said...

Ugandan Bishop Orombi and his bigoted American buddies get THROWN OUT again!

GEORGIA: Superior Court rules Christ Church Savannah is held in trust for the Episcopal Church
By ENS staff, October 28, 2009

[Episcopal News Service] The Chatham County Court on October 27 ruled that the property of Christ Episcopal Church in Savannah, Georgia, must be used for the mission of the Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Georgia following some two years of litigation with the breakaway congregation.

Leonard said...

Superior Court California THROWS OUT Orombi and his cohorts from poaching on Episcopal Church property:

The Episcopal News, Los Angeles] The Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles on October 13 will resume ministry at St. Luke's of-the-Mountains Episcopal Church in La Crescenta, California, pursuant to a Superior Court order directing transfer of the property after some three years of litigation with a breakaway congregation.

Leonard said...

The United States Supreme Court WILL NOT hear the appeal of Orombi and his accomplices who were attempting to TAKE Episcopal Church property in Newport Beach, California.

Attention BISHOP OROMBI, no means no:

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court won't get involved in a dispute between breakaway Episcopalians and their former national church over who owns a California church and its property.

The high court on Monday refused to hear an appeal from the St. James Anglican Church in the Diocese of Los Angeles. It is one of several dozen individual parishes and four dioceses nationwide that voted to split from the national church after the 2003 consecration of the first openly gay Episcopal bishop in New Hampshire.

California courts have ruled that, while St. James had the right to split off from the larger church, the congregation could not take parish property with it, even though the parish has held the deed to the church for decades.

We, in the United States, have, in fact been working very hard (and spending millions of dollars) to insure the Orombi doesn´t poach on Church´s now time that Ugandans insure that Orombi, Buturo, Seempa and their cluster of religious fear/hate-mongers (for profit?) stop these exploitive men in their tracks! Church is being defiled with their demonizing, excluding, persecution and downright LIES!

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