Sunday, November 1, 2009

Activists use facebook to fight Uganda Homosexual bill

I like this.

Maybe because I am kind of despondent, unhappy. Tell you a secret, I kind of believe in people. Despite the very worst that a human being can do, they can do better. They can be better than what they are.

That is what I believe. And, I dont want to realy be a cynic.... Kind of takes away the pleasure of living. That is why I do fall in love. Because humanity is not hopeless.

But, besieged by the seemingly unbounded conviction of my country people that I AM EVIL, with seemingly no way for me to convince them that I am not, I find it hard not to be down on myself. So, I write, and call them out.

Anyway, here are people who are willing to defend me. On the simple basis of principle. I am not bad because I am different. They say.... I am not EVIL because I am gay.
Yeah, some of them disagree with me on many things. But they still can stand up for me, despite our differences.
Do you know what that means to me?

I guess you do not. Maybe you do. I dont know. Anyway, here is a group, on Facebook, to organise and do battle against the 'Anti-Homosexual Bill'. I laud them.


PS. Arent I glad am no Christian! Fact

First published: 20091031 6:16:22 AM EST

Ultimate Media

As the debate over the proposed Anti Homosexuality Bill 2009 gains momentum, activists against the bill have launched a facebook group to decampaign the proposed legislation.

The facebook group which was formed by Dr. Warren Throckmorton, an Associate Professor of Psychology at Grove City College had by Saturday Morning reached a membership of 1,130.

Throckmorton says multi-faith, multi-national group of people include mainly evangelical Christians around the world.

Dr. Throckmorton says although many members of the group do not approve of homosexuality, they believe Christianity teaches freedom of conscience and freedom of speech.

Throckmorton says they believe obedience to the gospel which pleases Christ comes from free choice and not from coercion of the state through laws such as the one proposed against homosexuality.

But the Minister of Ethics and Integrity, Dr. James Nsaba Buturo insists that the government has a duty to introduce and enforce laws against acts of homosexuality or same sex relationships which he says are immoral and against the order of nature.


Jess said...

In response to the first part of your blog, I must tell you that I admire you and what you said about believing in people. That is such a strong quality and outlook to have on people and life. Humanity is not hopeless, you are absolutely correct. I just wish more people in this world saw everything like that. All of the people who spread all of the hatred and the hurt in this world have seemed to have lost track of their own humanity. The ironic thing in that is; the people receiving the hatred and the hurt from those people still remain hopeful for the whole idea of humanity.
So, what does this all mean? To me, I believe that we, the people who still have the hopes, are living a much more fulfilled life than those who spread pain. Despite the fact that we face many more obstacles and threats, we have a better understanding of love and living and just being. We experience and feel everything at a much more heightened level because we know what it’s like to fight for what we want and the right to express ourselves.
Again, I just wanted you to know that I do honestly admire and respect you and will remain hopeful right alongside you because, you are right, who wants to be a cynic? What good is living without the pleasure of feeling it all?

Frank said...

What can gays from other countries do to arm and finance gay Ugandans?

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